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Tom Harding:

Tom is Group Coordinator. Based in Melbourne.
His Tag-Along caravan safaris led him through Farina where he was inspired by the crumbling ghost town.
He and Kevin and Anne Dawes combined to form the Farina Restoration Group.
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News Editor:

Cathie is our new News Correspondent.
She is a Kiwi who has fallen in love all over again - this time with the outback and in particular... Farina.
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Rob Fairweather - an ex-electronics boffin who now spends most of his leisure time peering through camera viewfinders and processing the resulting images.
He has built a number of web sites, his own being amongst them.
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Peter Harris:

Secretary and Project coordinator South Australia
Laurie Gray
Laurie Gray:

Head baker
Steve Harding
Lex Silva
Lex Silva, Committee member
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Bakery Van Hire

Full catering kitchen and servery - custom built for the Farina underground bakery.

Hire it by phoning
0408 731 140
... or ...
send an email .
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Farina Station:

Kevin and Anne are owners of the 700 square kilometres Farina Station.
Our hosts while we are working there, and security staff when we are not!

Phone (08) 8675 7790
Group Postal address:

Farina Restoration
72 The Esplanade
Victoria 3228

Farina Restoration Group Postal address: Farina Restoration, 72 The Esplanade, Torquay, Victoria 3228