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Handover of the donation plate

at the Taglong Tour


Here are some photographs taken around the evening campfire on the Tagalong Tour run by Tom Harding in 2008 where the participants present Tom the collection plate to kick off the work of the Farina Restoration Group. There is also a photo of the group taken at the Mining Museum at Burra.

The participants of the tour were Tom and Joan Harding, John Enright & Rik Oak (both from Tasmania), Graeme Foote & Maureen, Barry & Bron Jacquier, Stan Caton & Jack Spencer, Chris & Irene Adams, Wallace & Eileen Brown, Greg Allen and Pamela, Trevor & Fran Cross, Keith & Pauline Crothers and Ken & Carol Gooding.

The Farina Restoration Group thanks Chris Adams for sending in the photos and giving permission for the FRG to use them.