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Mission Statement

The Farina Restoration Group Inc, was formed to stabilise and restore the existing Farina Town Infrastructure and to display the history and “style of life” of an inland Australian township from the 1880’s to the 1960’s.

Farina was a railway town 60km south of Marree and has 10 historic South Australian stone buildings, which were falling down. The Great Northern railway (the Ghan) and a standard gauge railway passed through the town.

The objectives of the Farina Restoration Group are:

  • To stabilise the stone buildings and to prevent further deterioration of their integrity.
  • To identify, visualise and explain the importance of the railway infrastructure.
  • To restore the famous underground bakery and to bake in it for approximately 8 weeks a year.
  • To build a war memorial of significance and to restore the cemetery to one of the best inland cemeteries in the State.
  • To generate walking trails and storyboards throughout the town to explain the history and function of the sites.
  • To Identify and celebrate early residents.

The global aim of our work is to attract increasing numbers of visitors to see our preserved town, to appreciate the history and to be a very significant attraction in the North Flinders Ranges area.