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Farina town has now completed the Solar system Installation, and we can now flick a switch to obtain power from the sun, any time of the day or night.

With special thanks to FRRR who funded the cost of the equipment and our friends at My Energy Solar, Wayne Granger, for design, supply and installing the solar, Oleo Earthmoving Trevor Koch, Bluey Kelly and our team on site whom included Bill, Greg, Peter, Kevin, Roger, Steve & Tim for delivering the materials.

We now have a “Generator Hybrid” system with 8 batteries to back up the power for baking early in the morning, and to run Pattersons House and all the digital gear. I am told that our bakery team is very happy that they don’t have to worry about torches and starting the generator in the dark early mornings.

More importantly we are reducing our “Green House Gas Emissions” by reducing the time we need to run the diesel generator.

With the solar system, we are also able to relocate the noisy generator from the township and place it behind Toms shed, (where we can build an enclosure next year,) and run a new larger sub main to provide power to Pattersons house. We will also have a power supply “Out of Season” which will allow functions during the year ie ANZAC day without dragging the generator out again.

When we get the Telstra mobile phone tower next year, and WIFI around the site all of our supporters will be able to use the tech to learn of the history of Farina from our web page and of course contact friends and the wider Farina community.

This is the touch screen control panel, which as selected will give the settings and control parameters. This can be linked to WIFI for remote control next year.

All new submain and generator position.

Farina is open all year to wonder around the walking trails, soak up the history from 1878 and camp for a few days.

See you there.

FRG Committee.