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Farina Restoration Group Volunteer Survey 2023

The Farina Restoration Group are committed to improving not only the work of the group at Farina, but improving the experience of Volunteers at Farina.

With this in mind the Committee runs an annual post-season survey of Volunteers who participated in the programme. It is essential that the Committee get the “warts ‘n all” feedback from volunteers, as a poor experience at Farina is as important as a good experience in ensuring that the Committee guides the programme in the right direction. We obviously aim for every single volunteer to have a fantastic experience every year, so value your feedback to make this happen.

To ensure candid feedback, this survey form makes the inclusion of contact details (Name, phone etc) optional, so it is up to you decide whether you wish to identify yourself.

The FRG Committee thank you in advance for the few minutes it will take to provide this feedback.