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Buildings of Farina


From the early days of the formation of Government Gums, tents started to spring up from 1876 around the old well. Government Gums which was later renamed Farina, grew quickly and buildings became more substantial. Many buildings were built of timber with corrugated iron roofs, which have not stood the test of time with no substantial examples still in existence. The most substantial buildings were of stone, and the remains of many still exist at Farina and are a focus of the restoration group.

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Farina Cemetery Exchange Hotel Angels Rest Farina Post Office Farina War Memorial Patterson House New Police Station Old Police Station Transcontinental Hotel

Farina Cemetery

The Farina Cemetery is maintained by the restoration group accessible to the general public. It is located about 1.3km past the Farina Campground to the west. Within walking distance however it is an easy drive as well.

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Exchange Hotel

The exchange was built in 1878 and known at "The Top Pub" in Farina.

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Angels Rest

The fireplace back and chimney flue

The history of the building known as Angels Rest is a little unclear and it is the best preserved of the timber buildings in Farina. It has had some preservation work done by the Farina Restoration Group.

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Farina Post Office

Post Office 1898

Advertisements for tenders to build the Post office were made in June 1878 and the building was declared open on the 28th Sept 1878.

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Farina War Memorial

The Farina War Memorial was built by the Volunteers of the Farina Restoration Group to honour and remember the sacrifice made by men from Farina who serviced in the armed forces.

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Patterson House

The Farina Cafe and Bakery building is known as the Patterson House, with the reconstructed building opened in 2021. It is on the same footprint and same external shape of the original Patterson House owned by the Patterson family who were once the lease holders of Farina Station.

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New Police Station

The New Police Station was built around 1935 and remained open until the 1950's.

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Old Police Station

The "Old" Police Station was established in 1894, although it wasn't the first as the Police Constables occupied tents near Well No 1 from around 1880.

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Transcontinental Hotel

The Transcontinental Hotel was constructed for Alexander Mackay (snr), designed by architect Thomas Burgoyne of Port Augusta and built by Messrs Ellis and House who reported that in September 1878 they had "completed ten rooms and the foundation of others". Evidently Mackay placed his son, Alexander (jnr), to run the hotel which was advertised as having "every accommodation including shower baths, first class stable and stockyards as well as keeping 'none but the best brands of ales, wines and spirits'".

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