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Exchange Hotel

Cnr North Terrace and Twelfth St, Farina, SA

The Exchange Hotel (known to locals as the “Top Pub”) was built by John Bond on the corner of Twelfth St and North Terrace, a large building with a bar at the corner entrance and a series of rooms, some with fireplaces extending westwards to form an internal quadrangle.

It comprised four quarter acre blocks of land with a stone wall around the two internal sides, with stabling backing onto the wall on the western side. Along the southern wall the restoration group volunteers uncovered a baking oven, although the history and use of this oven is yet to be discovered.

There were also three timber and corrugated iron houses on the Exchange land, facing Twelfth St , however little is know of the use of these building and there are few remains to be seen today.







Year Publican Links to License Grant
1878- John Bond
  1. Application for License
  2. Grant of License 1879
  3. Renewal of License 1880
1880- Roberts & Uttley
  1. Transfer of License 2nd June 1880
  2. Renewal of License 1881
1883-90 G White
  1. Renewal of License 1883
  2. Renewal of License 1885
1885 G White  
1893-1902 Alfred E Poole  
1903-07 John Green  
1908 Mrs C Green  
1909 Miss E Darmody  
1910-20 R C Barnes  
1921 C H Lawson  
1922-23 F J Rodley  
1924 Seidel and Francis  
1928-32 W J Jones  
1933-34 Sharpe  
1935 C J Golder  
1935-36 J A D Patterson  
1937 J Reynolds  





Lots 391, 392, 425 and 426 of the Township of Farina.