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Humphreys, Sarah(2)

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Sarah(2) Humphreys
b: 1868
d: 1954
  • 1868 - Birth - ; Farina South Australia
  • 1954 - Death -
William Humphreys
ABT 1820 - ABT 1879
Francis (Andrews) Humphreys
ABT 1826 - ABT 1884
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Humphreys
BirthABT 1820
DeathABT 1879
MarriageABT 1847to Francis (Andrews) Humphreys
PARENT (F) Francis (Andrews) Humphreys
BirthABT 1826
DeathABT 1884
MarriageABT 1847to William Humphreys
MJoseph Humphreys
Birth1860Farina South Australia
FSarah(2) Humphreys
Birth1868Farina South Australia
MarriageABT 1888to Henry Stanford at Farina South Australia
FMary Francis Humphreys
BirthABT 1852Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1937
FSarah (1) Humphreys
BirthABT 1853Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1856
MWilliam Henry Humphreys
BirthABT 1858Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1891
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Henry Stanford
MarriageABT 1888to Sarah(2) Humphreys at Farina South Australia
PARENT (F) Sarah(2) Humphreys
Birth1868Farina South Australia
MarriageABT 1888to Henry Stanford at Farina South Australia
FatherWilliam Humphreys
MotherFrancis (Andrews) Humphreys
FHelen Stanford
BirthABT 1888Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1948
FAnnie Stanford
BirthABT 1889Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1936
FSarah Stanford
BirthABT 1891Farina South Australia
MHenry Max Stanford
Birth21 AUG 1893Farina South Australia
Death24 APR 1917Ploegstreet, Belgium
FElizabeth Stanford
Birth1896Farina South Australia
FHenrietta Stanford
BirthABT 1897Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1991
MJoseph Stanford
BirthABT 1899Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1994
MJohn Stanford
BirthABT 1901Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1994
MLawrence William Stanford
Birth25 MAY 1905Farina South Australia
Death27 AUG 1942Milne Bay, Papua
MGeorge Stanford
BirthABT 1907Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1980
MJames Stanford
BirthABT 1909Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1981
MPhilip Stanford
BirthABT 1912Farina South Australia
DeathABT 1998
Descendancy Chart
Sarah(2) Humphreys b: 1868 d: 1954
Helen Stanford b: ABT 1888 d: ABT 1948
Annie Stanford b: ABT 1889 d: ABT 1936
Sarah Stanford b: ABT 1891 d: 1969
Henry Max Stanford b: 21 AUG 1893 d: 24 APR 1917
Elizabeth Stanford b: 1896 d: 1974
Henrietta Stanford b: ABT 1897 d: ABT 1991
Joseph Stanford b: ABT 1899 d: ABT 1994
John Stanford b: ABT 1901 d: ABT 1994
Lawrence William Stanford b: 25 MAY 1905 d: 27 AUG 1942
George Stanford b: ABT 1907 d: ABT 1980
James Stanford b: ABT 1909 d: ABT 1981
Philip Stanford b: ABT 1912 d: ABT 1998