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B: Nov 1820 D: 3rd Oct 1879

Born: November 1820 Liverpool, England

Died: 3rd October 1879 Farina, SA.

Buried: Farina Cemetery




Wife: Frances ANDREWS (B: 29th Dec 1826 D: 1884)


Mary Frances (Fanny) HUMPHREYS (B: 1852 D: 1937 )

William Henry HUMPHREYS (B: 1858 D: 1891)

Joseph HUMPHREYS (B: 1860 D: 1867)

Sarah HUMPHREYS (B: 22nd Mar 1868 Gawler Ranges, SA. D: 8th Sept 1954)






William Humphreys was born in 1820 in Liverpool, England.

In 1847 he married Frances Andrews in Adelaide, SA, and over a period of 28 years had seven children.

In 1876 he and his wife Frances and their daughter Sarah were sent by A.M. Woolridge to Government Gums (later to be named Farina) to take charge of the wells.

In 1879 he was tragically killed by a rogue bull at Farina, and was buried in the Farina Cemetery.


William HUMPHREYS had an ownership interest in the parcels of Farina land listed below.

Owner_NamePlan_ParcelLotTitleStreetTrans DateOwnership
William HumphreysT833905AL402LOT402CT283/154FIRST ST29/6/1878Sole
William HumphreysT833905AL403LOT403CT283/154FIRST ST29/6/1878Sole

“Farina, from Gibbers to Ghost Town” by Rob Olston – page 15.