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Don’t learn from experience as I did.

On my last return trip from Farina (Solar Install), I had two tyres “blow out” or delaminate on the caravan, all on the same journey home.

This is a dangerous situation to be in. You have absolutely no prior warning, all you get is “bang” and a struggle to stay on the road as the caravan swerves around. Nothing like a slow puncture.

Calling into Hawker for a replacement tyre I was informed by the owner of Chris’s Mechanical Services, that the recommended tyre life is about 7 years for all vehicles. My tyres turned out to be 18 years old!!!!!. Further, Insurance companies may disallow a claim, for a tyre induced accident, if the tyres are proven to be too old.

If you imagine your caravan tyres probably aren’t going to wear out like your car, being mostly stored for long periods of time in the one place, and most probably develop a flat spot where stored. This is where you can get misled by your tyre appearance.

Tyres degrade over time, the hydrocarbons, rubber etc leach out as the tyre dries, so then what happened to me is the delamination of the tyre occurs.

This can catch you out on some long stretch of road miles from anywhere.

So please get your tyres checked on a regular basis, by a professional and change them before they get too old and before your next trip.

Steve Harding

The above is of an advisory nature only.