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The Farina Restoration Group Committee has under gone some changes in management recently with the resignation of Chairman Tim Paine due to personal reasons. Tom Harding has resigned from his position on the committee, again due to personal reasons. I have been appointed to the position of interim chair person, until the next A.G.M. (I being Bill Brock).

Farina, would not be where it is today, if not for the foresight and enthusiasm of Tom Harding, over the many years that he was chairperson and committee member of F.R.G. Tom now in his 87th year deserves a well-earned break, from a dedicated 12 year vision for Farina. We will see Tom during the June weekend events.

Tim Paine’s dedication, knowledge, uncanny ability to source items at the right price, and earth moving abilities, before his appointment to the chairmanship of F.R.G, and after has resulted in considerable savings during the construction of Patterson’s House, and other projects.

Planning for our ANZAC service on Sunday the 25th April is underway, and we are asking for volunteers to help with the setting up of the memorial site and the Gunfire breakfast. If you are attending the service, and will be in Farina on the Friday or Saturday and are able to help with any of the above tasks, could you please advise me via email at or by phoning 0429951634. Many hands make light work!

There will not be any provision for morning tea or lunch on the 25th, breakfast only. People partaking in breakfast are asked to bring their own plates, knives, forks and cups, also table and chairs if required.

Volunteer registrations are currently at 111, including wives, partners, and husbands, totals 162. Although some weeks are full, others still require more volunteers, especially weeks 7 & 8.

This year will see the transition from the caravan and circus tent, to Patterson’s House.

This is an exciting time, and it will provide the bakers with much needed working space, as opposed to the submarine! It is going to require some patience during this transitional phase.

Patterson’s will become the outlet for the bakery, merchandise, and the historical and interpretative information centre. It will be a busy place.

The construction of this building has been a fantastic achievement over the last three years. Steve Harding as project officer, with the help of his army of volunteers have achieved, an end result of which all can be proud.

The works program for 2021 is under consideration, with a number of smaller projects in the pipeline. These are apart from, the usual stone work, baking, retail, general maintenance, painting, cleaning, meet and greet, and essential services etc.

The weekend, 18th to 20th of June, is especially important for Farina, with the official opening of Patterson’s House on the 18th.

The annual Cricket match, Farina versus the rest of the world, Saturday 19th, the Bell Memorial Church Service and fly over Sunday 20th.

Hopefully COVID will not interfere with our 2021 plans. We are developing a COVID plan and will have a QR code in place for the ANZAC weekend, and for the rest of the year as required. The QR code will be available at Patterson’s House.

Telstra has committed to the installation of a 4G small cell base at Farina, with a working radius approximately 500 meters. This setup may be installed by ANZAC weekend,

If not, we will be relying on our existing 3G network from Leigh Creek.

With Regards,

Bill Brock, Interim Chairperson FRG.

Farina Restoration Group