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Bush Carpentry and Rain

On, or about June 28th, a few days after your scribe headed down South, the heavens opened, and deposited about 38mm on Farina over a couple of days. Needless to say, the roads were closed, and with no customers getting through, the bakery was closed too. Fortunately the new trench from the big shed to the bakery had been completed, and the services had been installed, terminated and covered.

Once the rain started, about the only person who could continue with his work was Peter Cram, who was cosily housed in the shearing shed, constructing one of the new work benches that are required for the new big shed.

The shed still consists of piles of steel and timber, with the contractor not able to get through to Farina from places East.

The last 15 images (3 rows) on this page were by Lydia Strutton who had the good fortune to be on site during the inclement weather which generated some fabulous skies and great photographic conditions. A very accomplished photographer and photographic judge, Lydia made sure that she made the most of the messy (ground) conditions. Thank you Lydia!