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The 2022 Restoration Works

After a somewhat Covid affected 2021 season, the volunteers were excited to get into the 2022 season hopefully without disruptions.

The Underground Oven is a centrepiece of the Farina Restoration Group’s operations, and it was identified last season that it was in need of a major rebuilt to the oven chamber and firebox. As the oven is used throughout each work program, the work needed to be undertaken prior to the usual start of the program. For its 140 years it has performed well, but now some crumbling and shifting bricks in the baking chamber called for our team to step in and undertake the rebuild task. In April the team assembled and over a two week period undertook the “140 Year Service” and it’s now functioning better than ever. Thanks to the team of Dennis Benson, Doug & Martin MacLennan, Rob Power, Bill Brock and Leon Bailey for getting this work done is a fast and professional manner.

Each of the major events and activities run by the Farina Restoration Group are described in more detail below, including many photos. Click on the links to read more.

2021 Weeks 1 to 3 Restoration 2021 Weeks 4 and 5 Restoration 2021 Week 6 Restoration
2022 Week 7 Restoration 2022 Week 8 Restoration