WRITE YOUR DETAILS ON THIS DOCUMENT & KEEP IT so you remember your dates.  


All registration for the 2021 program must be made online at the Farina Web site. See the registration form near the bottom of this page.


In exceptional cases when you cannot use the Web site please contact farinagroup@farinarestoration.com or phone Helen Rayner at 0419 446 414 who will assist you with your registration.


When you register on line you will be asked to enter the information shown below.

Name                                             Name

Mailing Address:

Email Address:

Mobile:                                           Landline:  

Next of Kin:                                   Contact details:

Accommodation                    Caravan(   )  Camper (  )   Motorhome (  )     Tent (  )

The 2021 Program dates are shown below. You will be asked to nominate your preferred (Max. 2 weeks). Please refer to the information below in choosing your dates.

Week Saturday   Sunday Selected dates
0 Wed 19 May     Advanced group setup bakery Discuss with Laurie or Tim
1 May 22 to May 30  
2 May 29 to June 06  
3 June 05 to June 13  
4 June 12 to June 20  
5 June 19 to Jun 27  
6 June 26 to July 04  
7 July 03 to Jul 11  
8 July 10 to July 18  

The overlap of Saturday arrival and Sunday departure is important to maintaining weekend

Bakery / Café and visitor hosting rosters. For the bakery/café or visitor hosting the first roster will commence on Saturday 22nd May.

We try to use Volunteers skills and we know you have hidden talents. If you have skills & experience please show them on the registration form. Bring your gloves, tools & safety items.


  Baker   Steel structural   Electrical
  Assistant Baker   Plant Maintenance.   Welding
  Bakery Café Sales/Host   Plumber   Carpenter
  Visitor Information/hosting   Tradesman Assistant.   Stonework/pointing
  General handyperson   First Aid   Streetscape Preparation

This information will be sent to the Group Coordinators to help allocate tasks at Farina.

Tell us on the Web site any other information about yourself, especially your experience and alternative dates.

Your registration will be acknowledged by email or phone by Tim 0418 823 941 within 7 days.


Information to assist you with the 2021 Volunteer Registration.


All Volunteers at Farina:

  • Must be registered before they arrive at Farina
  • This is an adults only program.
  • Will work on Farina projects according to their skills and abilities.
  • Are expected to stay in the campsite at Farina with the group.
  • Agree to be directed by the Group Coordinator on their activities
  • By registering on this form you agree to the terms and conditions described on the Information sheet.


Selecting your Dates

Select 2 weeks Maximum that you wish to stay, but also your UNAVAILABLE weeks. Single weeks are available, particularly in weeks 1 and 8. Your selection can start on either odd or even weeks. If you are unsure of your dates suggest alternatives in the information section of the on line Volunteer Registration.


We need to ensure that there is an even number of volunteers in each week, thus we may have to discuss with you alternative dates, or place you on a waiting list.


The Bakery will operate from Week 1 (Saturday May 22nd 2021) to the end of week 8 (Sunday July 18 2021).

Potential bakers should discuss their schedules with Laurie mazloz1@bigpond.com  (0427 587 362) or Kerry


Volunteers working as Bakers, Assistant bakers and café staff must have a current FOOD HANDLING CERTIFICATE.

  • Please bring your current one, or
  • Complete the on-line “Food Handling Program” (http://dofoodsafely.health.vic.gov.au/. If you have difficulty contact Kerry Storer (0438 114 750, email Kerry.storer@bigpond.com)


If later you are unable to attend at Farina please tell us via farinagroup@farinarestoration.com.


General information


Farina Events 2021

A decade of dedicated work by 1000 volunteers across the Farina Site will be celebrated in the official opening of the restored Patterson’s House, now designed for multipurpose usage, education, visitor centre, café and museum.

The formal opening times of Patterson’s House will be advised when details are known.


Friday 18th June. Opening Patterson’s House – tours and reunion

Saturday 19th June.  Farina against The Rest of the World. Annual cricket match.

Sunday 20th June.  Ecumenical Church Service.  Flt Lt John Bell Memorial Service. 


School Holidays and Other Events 2021.

Vic, NSW & QLD from Sat 26th June 2021 to Sun 11th July 2021- (W6&7).

SA    from Sat 3 July 2021 to Sun 18 July 2021 (W7&8)

Mon 14 June 2021 is a Public Holiday in SA. Queens’s birthday

Marree picnic races Sat.12th June 2021
Marree Camel Cup Races Sat 3rd July 2021 Big Red Bash  Tue 6th to Thur 8th July 2021


HELP For enquiries about dates and work program, contact Tim Paine 0418 823 941 tim.paine229@gmail.com or Bob Brownlee 0409 433 731 rtcbrownlee@gmail.com

For registration enquiries Contact Helen at farinagroup@farinarestoration.com




  • All Volunteers MUST be registered before they arrive at Farina.
  • Please refer to the Information sheet on how to complete this form.
  • By registering you agree to the terms and conditions described on the Information sheet.

NOTE: When you press the ‘Send Message’ button at the bottom of the form you will be taken to another screen to confirm successful submission. If you stay on this page it means that one or more of the mandatory fields has not been filled out. Check to see which field has a red border and fill it out and then click the ‘Send Message’ button again.