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Exchange Hotel

Built: 1879

Ceased Operation: 5th December 1937


The Exchange Hotel opening in 1879 and closed on the 5th December 1937.

Despite Farina’s isolation, the publicans tried to maintain a sense of decorum. Guests were expected to rise and dress for breakfast. Serviettes were standard in the dining room.

Evening meals were always available at the Exchange at a weekly rate of 22/6, Mutton was the standard item on the menu.

Despite the Publicans’ best efforts, thirsty shearers “cutting out” their cheques from a stint in the sheds on the outlying stations often celebrated wildly in the bar. The locals were relieved when they staggered off to the train the next day.

The rooms were small and had limited lighting, although a “nice parlour” was provided for the guests’ use.




The Publicans who served Farina at the Exchange were:

1884-1890  CT White

1893-1902 Alfred E Poole

1903-07 John Green

1908 Mrs C Green

1909 Miss E Darmody

1910-1920 RC Barnes

1921 CH Lawson

1922-1923 FJ Rodley

1924 Seidel and Francis

1928-1932 WJ Jones

1933-1934 Sharpe

1935 CJ Golder

1935-1936 JAD Patterson

1937 J Reynolds

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Early History Timeline


Exchange Hotel Land Grant

The original Land Grant title was made on the 15th July 1878.

The certificate of title can be read here.


Publican John Green

In 1901 John Green and his wife Catherine Green moved to Farina to take up the lease of the Exchange Hotel.

Following John’s death in 1907, the lease was transferred to his wife Catherine Green from 1901 to 1908.

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