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The Exchange Hotel, Farina


1878 Exchange Hotel Land Grant

The original Land Grant title was made on the 15th July 1878.

The certificate of title can be read here.


1900 Exchange Hotel Photograph

Exchange Hotel, Farina, around 1900


1901 Publican John Green

In 1901 John Green and his wife Catherine Green moved to Farina to take up the lease of the Exchange Hotel.

Following John’s death in 1907, the lease was transferred to his wife Catherine Green from 1901 to 1908.

To learn more about John and Catherine click on their names above.

The Green Family


1901 Greg Sadler descendant of John Green

Greg Sadler is a descendant of John and Catherine Green and writes about some reminiscences and visits to Farina in later years.

Read Greg's story here


1921 Exchange Hotel photograph

Exchange Hotel, Farina, around 1921


2017 Restoration work on The Exchange Hotel bread oven and building walls.

March 2017, Stonemason Ron Johnson indicates the suspected oven

In 2017 the remains of the Exchange Hotel bread oven were identified. Read the full story here.