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Farina Collection

During the restoration activities over the last 15 years, the group has uncovered many items around the site and has also had donations of items small and large, associated with Farina.

A number of small items are on display in Patterson’s House and some large railway items on display in the Railway Precinct.

The Farina Restoration Group committee of management has put in place a policy governing the Farina Museum Collection which can be read by clicking this link.

0001Childs Annie Oakley toy gun from around the1940'sPatterson House2020Found on-siteTownship
00021950's Erikson Party Line telephone as used in FarinaPatterson House2020Anne and Kevin DawesTownship - Used for station to station communication
0003NSU62 Railway LocomotiveRailway Precinct2023Peterborough SteamtownRailway
00041883 One ShillingPatterson HouseFound on-siteTownship
0005Guards LanternPatterson House2011Pichi Richi RailwayRailway
0006SAR Oil CanPatterson HousePichi Richi RailwayRailway
0007SAR Items used on TrainPatterson HousePichi Richi RailwayRailway
0008Camel TagsPatterson HouseFound on-siteCameleers
0009Steam Engine Water CraneRailway Precinct1882Built on-siteRailway
0010Railway Overhead Water TankRailway Precinct1882Built on-siteRailway
0011Log Cabin Tobacco TinPatterson HouseUnknownFound on-siteTownship
0012SAR China selectionPatterson HousePichi Richi RailwayRailway
0013SAR LanternsPatterson HousePichi Richi RailwayRailway
0014SAR Water JugsPatterson HousePichi Richi RailwayRailway
0015W Class Bogie Open WagonRailway Precinct2013On Loan from Steamtown Heritage Rail in PeterboroughRailway
0016Guards HatsPatterson HouseDonated by Rob BallRailway
0017Avery ScalesPatterson HouseRetail
0018SAR Guards UniformPatterson HouseDonated by Rob BallRailway
0019SAR Sleeping Car and Train Porters ManualPatterson HouseDonated by Rob BallRailway
0020SAR Giant Tilley LanternPatterson HouseRailway
0021Coal Skip TrolleyRailway PrecinctRailway
0022Flat Bed TrolleyRailway PrecinctRailway
0023SAR Guards Tucker BoxPatterson HouseRailway
0024Old Tractor PartsPatterson HouseTownship
0025Original Bread TinsPatterson HouseUnderground Oven
0026Wudu Wash JugPatterson HouseCameleers
0027Childs CotPatterson HouseDonated by Owen and Helen RaynorTownship
0028Cornish Festival MedallionPatterson HouseMilitary
0029Padlock from Goods ShedPatterson HouseFound on-siteRailway
0030Memorial CrossPatterson HouseTownship
0031Model of original Humphries HousePatterson HouseDonated by Kay BallTownship
0032Plates made from Farina PotteryPatterson HouseDonated by Jan JanetzkiTownship
0033SAR Various Items used on TrainsPatterson HouseDonated by Pichi Richi RailwayRailway
0034Copy of Ledgers from Bells StorePatterson HouseTownship
0035Photograph Farina main streetPatterson HouseTownship
0036SAR Various Railway itemsPatterson HouseDonated by Pichi Richi RailwayRailway
0037Soap saver and laundry bluePatterson HouseDonated by Beryl GillTownship
0038Motorized Gangers TrolleyPatterson HouseRailway
0039Sheep WagonRailway PrecinctRailway