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Farina Land Titles

After the initial government survey work undertaken by WH Cornish and R Peachey in 1876, ‘Farina Town’ was laid out on the pattern first used by Colonel William Light. It had 432 allotments of 1 rood each (quarter acre) and 88 suburban allotments ranging in size from five to eleven acres.

Plan documents and sources of information

  1. Photo of the original Township Plan for Farina.
  2. Photo of the Northern part of Suburban Farina
  3. Photo of the Southern part of Suburban Farina
  4. South Australian Planning & Property Atlas (SAPPA)

There were a number of land auctions held by the South Australian government in April, May and June 1878 to dispose of the Township and Suburban allotments at Farina. The initial Land Grant certificates of title were then produced and subsequently updated and managed as allotments were sold.

Click here to see a Google Map of the Farina Township with some of the significant sites marked and links to further information and land titles.

A study of the Certificates of Title can be fascinating in itself, giving some insight into the hopes of both early settlers and land speculators alike. The occupation of most purchasers is shown in the titles which can be a useful reference in the research of the history of the people associated with Farina.

This section provides several reports listing the ownership of Farina allotments. The underlying Certificates of Title can then be viewed in detail.

Click on one of the reports listed and download the pdf file. Search the file for the Lot or Person you are interested in and then click on the link to download a pdf of the original Land Title document.

  1. Farina Land Titles by Owner
  2. Farina Land Titles by Parcel

Copyright Notice: The copyright in the Land Titles made available on this web site belongs to the South Australian Government and the South Australian Government does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information or its suitability for any purpose.

The simplest way to use the reports to find the titles you are interested in is to use the search function. In most viewers this is opened by typing ctrl-F. Then type the parcel number or persons name and search. Note that in the lists of land parcels and owners, some of the LOT numbers have had a letter prefixed to the number to ensure that they don’t get mixed up between different plans of sub-division. For example the Farina Suburban Lots have had the letter ‘F’ added before the number to differentiate them from the Township lots. The Parcel numbers in the documents are those found in SAPPA (see link above).

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to accurately identify Farina land parcel ownership, dates and transfer numbers in the reports above, the Farina Restoration Group does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information or its suitability for any purpose. Some scanned documents can be very difficult to read. We advise anyone undertaking historical research review the base land title documents to confirm the information.