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Gallery Of Buildings

For those of you who would like to get a better idea of the degradation of the buildings, Bob Brownlee has put together a Powerpoint Presentation that attempts to marry old town photographs with the existing structures. We are missing a number of the original photographs, so if any of you have access to some archival imagery, we urge you to contact US

 Download a copy of his presentation PPT Buildings

The Hospital:

The first hospital was housed in this wooden and corrugated iron building, located between the bakery and the Moffatt’s house. In 1925, Sydney Kidman bought the iron building (which was known as “The Bungalow”), and moved it to Wilpoorina to be used as shearer’s quarters, and where it remains today. In return, Kidman bought the Transcontinental Hotel for a Hospital as he felt that the cooler stone of the former hotel was a more suitable building.