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Barb Jones re her Grandfather Daniel Brennan

Daniel appears to have been borne in Melbourne in 1886 of ? Irish parents .

In 1884 he was working as a labourer/teamster in the Farina area.

He married Annie Mary ? and had a daughter on May 25, 1884 who lived for about 5 hours.

Annie Mary gave birth to a second daughter (Mary Annie Maud) on June 21st, 1886, but died in childbirth aged 19 years and 7 months.

This second daughter died 6 months later on December 20, 1886 of convulsions and Dysentery.

Daniel joined the Railways in 1890.
Moved to Wirrawilla Station in1891, then back to Farina in 1892 (see details of SAR employee records)