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 Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE

B: 16th Mar 1842 D: 20th Jun 1920

Born: Adelaide, South Australia on 14th March 1842

Died:  Fullarton, South Australia 20th June 1920 



Father: Henry CATCHLOVE (B: 11th May 1806 D: 26th Oct 1867)

Mother: Emma CATCHLOVE (nee FILMER) (B: 1821 D: 19th Aug 1898)


George Henry CATCHLOVE (B: 1831  D: 17th Oct 1892 ) From Henry Catchlove’s first marriage in England.

Rosa CATCHLOVE ( B: 7th Dec 1840 Adelaide, SA. D: 23rd Nov 1899 Mount Magnet, WA.)

Emily CATCHLOVE (B: 1844  D: 31st Jul 1912 Kingswood, SA)

Alfred CATCHLOVE (B: 27th Apr 1846 Albert Town, SA. D: )

Francis Henry CATCHLOVE (B: 1846 D: 12th Jul 1926 Norwood, SA.)

Jane Henrietta CATCHLOVE (B: 1848 : 11th Dec 1918 Bunbury, WA.)

Annie Berth CATCHLOVE (B: 1850 D: 8th May 1930 Perth, WA.)

Ediva Leonora CATCHLOVE (B: 13th Jun 1851 Adelaide, SA. D: 4th Nov 1920 Lockleys, SA. )

Charles Henry CATCHLOVE (B: 29th Jun 1853 Adelaide, SA. D: 17th Jan 1854 Adelaide, SA. )

Alice Maud CATCHLOVE (B: 28th Oct 1854 Adelaide, SA. D: )

Alfred Harry CATCHLOVE (B: 2nd Sep 1856 Adelaide, SA.  D: 25th Jun 1858 Adelaide, SA. )

Harry Charles CATCHLOVE (B: 26th Mar 1858 Adelaide, SA. D: 18th Nov 1863 Bassett Town, SA. )

Amelia Ada Augusta CATCHLOVE (B: 11th Jul 1859 Adelaide, SA.  D: 28th Jul 1864 Adelaide, SA. )

Louisa Harriet CATCHLOVE (B: 7th Jan 1862 Bassett Town, SA. D: 6th Apr 1863 Bassett Town, SA. )

Albert Henry CATCHLOVE (B: 4th Apr 1864 Adelaide, SA. D: 1932 Queensland )

William Harold CATCHLOVE (B: 12th Aug 1866  D: 4th Dec 1867 Kapunda, SA.)






Refer to the documents under the Further Reading tab for his Biography.



A complete history of Edwards police service can be found in the documents under the Further Reading tab.

ENBC’s service record at Farina
Rank: 1st Class Mounted Constable
Transferred to Farina from: Waukaringa and Yongala
Date of appointment to Farina: 23/8/85
Transferred to Diamantina: 4/11/1887

No known ownership of land at Farina.