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Finn, Peter

Peter Finn
b: 26 MAY 1927
d: 16 OCT 2002
Peter was born in 1927 in Adelaide South Australia. He is the son of William Finn and Ethel Mills. He was in the merchant Navy and moved to Tasmania after WW2. He visited Tasmania and met Maureen Saunders then waited until she was of age so they could get married. They lived in Catherine, NT, Australia for around 3 years and had there eldest daughter; before moving back to Tasmania after Maureen fell ill with Malaria. He then lived in Hobart until his passing on 16 October 2002. His ashes were scattered at Spikey Bridge Beach on the east coast of Tasmania. He has a memorial plaque in the cornelian bay cemetery in the returned servicemen''s section.
  • 26 MAY 1927 - Birth - ; Col Light Gardens, South Australia
  • 16 OCT 2002 - Death - ; Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
William Thomas George Finn
Canterbury - 23 FEB 1923
William David Finn
25 FEB 1872 - 1 JAN 1941
Jane Balhannah Hatfield
ABT 1847 - 9 AUG 1938
Peter Finn
26 MAY 1927 - 16 OCT 2002
Ethel Ellen (Edwards) Finn
29 DEC 1884 - 18 JUN 1950
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William David Finn
Birth25 FEB 1872Pichi Richi, South Australia
Death1 JAN 1941 Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Marriage25 FEB 1902to Ethel Ellen (Edwards) Finn at Adelaide
FatherWilliam Thomas George Finn
MotherJane Balhannah Hatfield
PARENT (F) Ethel Ellen (Edwards) Finn
Birth29 DEC 1884Hilton, Adelaide, South Australia
Death18 JUN 1950
Marriage25 FEB 1902to William David Finn at Adelaide
MErnest Clifford Finn
Birth26 OCT 1902Adelaide South Australia
Death7 SEP 1990South Australia, Australia
MWilliam Morris Goldbert Finn
Birth9 JUN 1904Black Forest, South Australia
Death3 MAY 1945Sandakan Prison Camp, Sandakan, Malaysia
FFrances Dorina Ellen (Finn) Engwall
Birth25 AUG 1906Port Augusta, South Australia
Death3 NOV 1981Perth, Western Australia, Australia
MJames Ronald Finn
Birth2 DEC 1909Hogans Well, South Australia
Death19 OCT 1990Mitchell, Queensland, Australia
MDavid Finn
Birth19 SEP 1911Lyndhurst Station, Farina, South Australia
Death22 JUL 1964Townsville, Queensland, Australia
MJack Hughes Finn
Birth14 OCT 1912Lyndhurst Station, South Australia
Death25 JUN 1989Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
FNancy Hughes (Finn) Gibson
Birth25 AUG 1914Clarence Park, South Australia
MAllen Henry Finn
Birth9 JUN 1916Leslie''s Well (Near Farina), South Australia, Australia
Death11 MAR 1982Townsville, Queensland, Australia
FMyrtle Jean (Finn) Hardy
Birth3 APR 1918Lyndhurst, Lesley''s Well Station, South Australia
Death6 JUN 1979Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
FEthel Elizabeth Finn
Birth5 DEC 1919Lyndhurst, Lesley''s Well Station, South Australia
MLeslie Keith Finn
Birth20 JAN 1923
FVictoria June Finn
Birth25 JUN 1924Rose Pk, South Australia
MRichard Maxwell Finn
Birth31 DEC 1925Farina, South Australia
MPeter Finn
Birth26 MAY 1927Col Light Gardens, South Australia
Death16 OCT 2002Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
MGary Finn
Birth2 MAR 1930Adelaide, South Australia
Death30 SEP 1930
MLeonard Anthony Finn
Birth22 MAY 1930Adelaide, South Australia