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The 2021 Week 6 Restoration Works

The Bakery and Cafe was still in full swing this week with lots of travellers stopping off in Farina for a look around and a stop at the Cafe for a coffee and some snacks. A feature of this week was the production of two birthday cakes. The Bakery will bake cakes on request, and we had a request from two boys who were travelling with their parents, and wanted to surprise Mum (Trinity – see photos) with a birthday cake. They brought her up to the bakery to receive the cake and it took her completely by surprise. We had feedback the next day that they sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cake around the campfire down at the campground at Farina. There was also another request for a cake from a neighbouring property, for a cake for Josh (see photos).

With the inevitable Covid restrictions, and the need to maintain social distancing, we took the opportunity this week to re-point the stonework around the entrance way to the underground oven. Given the cramped space in the oven area we had to stop visitors going into the oven for several days. Michael (Mick) Kent did a great job, spending two days carefully re-pointing the walls to ensure that they are protected and preserved.

Early in the programme a new septic tank was installed net to Toms shed to enable installation of a toilet and shower (to be done next year). This week saw the completion of stonework around the tank lid and a concrete slab and steel cover.

As we had a keen concreting crew on hand, we finished pouring concrete inside the western annexe to Toms shed. The annexe is used to store timber, scaffolding and other materials for the restoration works.

The display board roof replacement project was in full swing with around half the roofs complete.

Another project finished off this week was the painting of the Sheep and Cattle Wagons. This work was undertaken to protect and preserve the wagons, and although the Volunteers had a smile on their faces and enjoyed the work and the camaraderie, they were hoping that this job wouldn’t be needed again for many years.