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The 2021 Week 8 Restoration Works

A busy restoration program was drawing to a close in Week 8, with much work completed and a few last projects to work on.

The display board roof replacement project was nearing completion, with all the small roofs done and just a couple of the larger boards being left until next season.

The Stone workers (known as the “Stonies”) were busy working on the Transcontinental in-ground water tank, the Exchange scotch oven and some re-pointing at Moffatt’s House. The work this year was supported by Adbri (Adelaide Brighton Cement), with the donation of a pallet of lime, pallet of off-white cement and pallet of portland cement.

Our project team also laid a sizeable concrete slab under the rear annexe of Toms Shed so that the metalwork (in next years restoration program) can be undertaken outside, with space for cutting and welding. This will make more room in the general workshop for other activities.

It was the final week of the SA school holidays so the end of the week saw a stream of families stopping in on their return home from travels to the Outback.