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The 2023 Week 3 Restoration Works

To document the activities of the Farina Restoration Group (FRG) each week during our 8 week programme in 2023 we have chosen to ask for contributions of stories and photos from Volunteers and Visitors. We hope you enjoy looking at the activities and events through the eyes of our volunteers and visitors.

The following email was send by FRG Volunteer and Amateur Radio enthusiast Glen Alford to his local radio club after his time at Farina this year. Glen also put together a document describing what he was going to be doing and showing some photos of Farina which he sent out to his radio club members prior to departing for Farina. Read the document by clicking here:

“Back from Farina, a week earlier than planned, due to impending wet weather. But during the week, week 3 after stone pointing on historical
ruins, and a few days working on the historic cemetery. Most afternoons had some time to work portable DX. Operated from the Farina Post Office one day,
others from my QTH tent. No grid power, so no RF noise, used a Lithium 100ah , 12 volt Voltex battery. Radio Icom 7200, 100 watts, wire dipole strung
between gum trees. Worked about 40 contacts, mainly into Europe given the orientation of the dipole. Some of the countries contacted from Farina,
Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, France.  A  few contacts around Australia ,like Melbourne, Sydney, Mendura WA, and a station off Queensland coast,
aeronautical mobile.

Didn’t have mobile phone coverage from Farina, but was able to talk to the world using HF radio.

At the Post Office erected squid pole, but a lot of bend in the pole supporting the dipole and coax. Which attracted some attention from interested visitors.

But very good operating conditions, quite pleased. Will do it again next year.”