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The 2023 Week 4 Restoration Works

To document the activities of the Farina Restoration Group each week during our 8 week programme in 2023 we have chosen to ask for contributions of stories and photos from Volunteers and Visitors. We hope you enjoy looking at the activities and events through the eyes of our volunteers and visitors.

The following contribution to the Farina restoration story has been made by FRG Volunteer Glenn Alford:

Whilst Glenn was at Farina this year the annual John Napier Bell memorial service was held as well as the annual “Farina v’s The Rest of the World” Cricket match. Glenn took some great photos of these events and other activities around Farina.



The following contribution to the Farina restoration story has been made by FRG Volunteer Jim Peter:

My Farina experience 2023

This year I volunteered for duty in the bakery as I had enjoyed the experience in 2022 assisting down in the underground oven and preparation of breads in the kitchen.

As Kay and I had arrived on the Friday prior to our designated week, I had some time with Nifty to run over my tasks for the next week. This was valuable time with Nifty as I needed to gain experience in the content of the rundown on the underground oven which I would provide to any visitors to the underground oven. Nifty had a great speel which always captivated the many guests who came downstairs to check out where the bread was baked, I needed to be prepared to talk about the Scotch oven. So the alarm was set for 4:30am on Sunday to commence my first shift with Kerry’s assistant baker, Chubb. My main task was to support  Chubb, whose responsibility was the baking of the bread in the wood fired underground oven.

Chubb and I had a great rapport, so it was a relaxed week of loading the prepared dough into the oven and retrieving the prized loaves out, to be sold upstairs in the bakery. Whilst not attending to oven duties I supported Chubb in the preparation of various loaves to be baked in the underground oven.

I learnt many things about baking during the week, enjoying some lighter moments and coming away with satisfaction of knowing I had helped with the funding of the stabilisation work.

Jim Peter – 2023