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Barbara Macey – “Grandpa flogged the doors from the Exchange”


I’m Barbara Macey, nee Waterhouse. My family has much history in the Flinders area, some of it I know, some of it we are still discovering.


Last week we had the honour of visiting Farina and enjoying one of the best pasties ever! Unfortunately it was a wet, windy, freezing day, and this made it hard for us to spend the time and see all we wanted to see, so another visit another day.

Are you aware of where some of the materials went that disappeared from Farina?

My grandfather was guilty of taking some of the Exchange Hotel after it closed in 1937. He was Edward Waterhouse and was the pastoralist at Maynards Well Station at that time. The ‘new’ homestead certainly had doors from the Hotel, as years later I clearly remember my father showing me the room numbers still visible under the paint.

I don’t know what else was used, only that the home was of four large rooms and was originally a portion of a de-licensed hotel at Farina.

Thank you for your work in preserving what is still there. I want to also complement you on the web site.