The People of Farina

This section of the website draws together the information collected by the Farina Restoration Group history team about the people who were born, lived, worked or died at Farina.

The table can be searched or sorted to find a particular person, or use the filtering options to list a group associated with a particular aspect of Farina. Click on the name of the person to go to their details page and explore what we know about them.

NamePhotoLand OwnerServicemanPost OfficeRailway WorkerPoliceman
Amos Arthur ADAMSNoYesNoNoNo
Alfred Napier BELLNoYesNoNoNo
Bruce Napier BELLYesYesNoNoNo
John Napier BELLNoYesNoNoNo
Colin BUDGENoYesNoNoNo
Frederick BUDGEYesNoNoNoNo
Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CatchloveNoNoNoNoYes
Horace Frederick CORBETTNoYesYesNoNo
William Arthur DAWESYesNoYesNoNo
James Francis DOWLINGNoYesNoNoNo
Alfred Moltina DRAPERNoYesNoNoNo
Donald Calbert LANGLEYNoYesNoNoNo
Arthur Nugent RAGLESSNoYesNoNoNo
Charles Wilson RAGLESSNoYesNoNoNo
Thomas Harold RAGLESSNoYesNoNoNo
John Burnett SELTHNoYesNoNoNo
Albert Gilroy SYMONSNoYesNoNoNo
George Harold SYMONSNoYesNoNoNo