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Eileen Elsie MARTIN

B: 3rd Aug 1902 D: 1st Jan 1950

Born: 3rd August 1902 in Queensland

Died: 1st January 1950 and was buried in the Dudley Park Cemetery in Adelaide, South Australia.

The historical information and photographs for Eileen Martin was generously provided by her family. The Farina Restoration Group greatly appreciates this information and gladly publishes it for the information of the public. If anyone has further information to contribute, please contact Brett and Shellie Cummings, descendants of Alice, on


Father: William Joseph MARTIN, born on 1 December 1865 at Coonatto, South Australia and died on 4 March 1913 on Murnpeowie Station on the Strzelecki Track in South Australia.  William was the son of Michael Martin and Caroline McCudden.

Mother: Ellen Josephine Elena CALLARY, born on 8 November 1871 in Gilbert, South Australia and died on 13 August 1949 in Jamestown, South Australia.  Ellen was the daughter of Philip Callary and Julia McAuliffe


Philip Laurence Martin was born on 31 December 1892 in Arkaba, South Australia.  He died at the age of four on 1 April 1897 in Marianville near Quorn, South Australia.

Myrtle Nellie Martin was born on 29 January 1895 in Farina, South Australia.  She died on 18 October 1973 at Prospect in South Australia.  She married Albert (Bert) Charles Wilson on 11 September 1913, in Farina, South Australia.  He was the son of John Wilson and Emily Caroline Beer.  Albert was born on 27 February 1891 in Gordon, South Australia and died on 5 December 1966 in Kilburn, Adelaide, South Australia.  Both are buried in the Dudley Park Cemetery in Adelaide, South Australia.

William Leslie Martin was born on 7 February 1899 in Birdsville, Queensland.  He died on 3 June 1973 in Hawker, South Australia.  He married Emily Elizabeth Chapman on 19 November 1928 in Farina, South Australia.  Emily was the daughter of Charles Kemble Chapman and Elizabeth Ann Gill.  Emily was born on 9 December 1906 in Blinman, South Australia and died on 19 February 1987 in Hawker, South Australia.  They are both buried in the Hawker Cemetery.

Thomas Benjamin MARTIN was born on 19 April 1900 in Birdsville, Queensland. He died on 27 April 1973 in Jamestown, South Australia.  He married Evelyn Mabel Reid on 19 September 1929 in Farina, South Australia.  She was the daughter of Michael Reid and Sarah Russell.  Evelyn was born on 1 October 1911 in Hawker, South Australia and died on 13 November 1980 in Jamestown, South Australia.  Both are buried in the Jamestown Cemetery.

Alice Lottie Martin was born on 13th July 1904 in Queensland. She never married. Alice died on 17th July 1979 in Port Pirie, South Australia and is buried in the Port Pirie Cemetery.

1 Michael MARTIN b:1841 d: 1/8/1903
   + Caroline McCUDDEN b: 1845 d: 8/6/1890
      2 William Joseph MARTIN 1/12/1865 d: 4/3/1913
         + Ellen Josephine Elena CALLARY b: 8/11/1871 d: 13/8/1949
            3 Philip Laurence Martin b: 31/12/1892 d: 1/4/1897
            3 Myrtle Nellie Martin b: 29/1/1895 d: 18/10/1973
            3 William Leslie Martin b: 7/2/1899 d: 3/6/1973
               + Emily Elizabeth Chapman b: 9/12/1906 d: 19/2/1987
                  4 William John Martin b: 22/8/1929 d: 6/2/1944
                  4 Muriel Irene Sylvia Martin b: 26/9/1931 d: 12/12/2015
                  4 Ronda Elizabeth Martin b: 23/12/1933 d: 16/10/1962
                  4 Valma Rosemary Martin b: 4/4/1942 d: 11/10/2013
                  4 Last child, a daughter, still living, was born in 1946
            3 Thomas Benjamin MARTIN b: 19/4/1900 d: 27/4/1973
               +  Evelyn Mabel Reid b: 1/10/1911 d: 13/11/1980
                  4 James (Jim) Reginald Martin b: 11/6/1927 d: 26/9/2009
                  4 Geofrey Benjamin (Biffy) Martin b: 10/2/1930 d: 13/4/1989
                  4 Daphne Fay Martin b: 9/3/1932 d: 4/8/2016
                  4 Second daughter, still living, b: 1934
                  4 Third daughter, still living, b: 1939
                  4 Fourth daughter, still living, b: 1944
            Eileen Elsie MARTIN b: 3/8/1902 d: 1/1/1950
            3 Alice Lottie Martin b: 13/7/1904 d: 17/7/1979
      2 Benjamin MARTIN b: 14/11/1867 d: 4/2/1921
      2 Thomas James MARTIN b: 20/2/1870 d: 21/4/1896
      2 Alice MARTIN b: 28/4/1872 d: 28/3/1917
      2 Caroline MARTIN b: 14/6/1874 d: 23/4/1923
      2 John MARTIN b: 17/1/1877 d: 1/1/1923
      2 Catherine Margaret MARTIN b: 9/4/1879 d: 28/3/1883

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Eileen Elsie Martin was born on 3 August 1902 in Queensland.  She was the second youngest child of William Joseph Martin and Ellen Josephine Elena Callary.

Eileen moved to Farina in 1911 when she was 9 years old and attended the Farina school.  Eileen won the egg and spoon and potato race at the Farina School Picnic in 1912.  Eileen also awarded the needlework prize from Farina School in 1912.

Eileen actively involved in the social life in Farina and the surrounding district.

Eileen must have been a good dancer as her partner and her won the waltzing dance competition held in Farina on New Year’s day in 1924.  Eileen with her sister, Alice, dressed for the Fancy Dress Ball held in Farina on 28 January 1924.   In 1928, she was one of the conveners of the Leap Year Ball at Farina and helped in the fundraising bazaar for the District Trained Nursing Society.

Eileen left Farina to work in Adelaide where she later worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  She never married.

Unfortunately, Eileen became ill and had to stop working.

Eileen died of cancer on 1 January 1950 at the young age of 47 years.  Eileen was buried in the Dudley Park Cemetery, Adelaide, South Australia.


There is no record of Eileen owning land at Farina.