Bruce Napier BELL

B: 9th Feb 1924 D: ??

Born: North Adelaide, South Australia, 9th Feb 1924 (SA Births Register District: Frome Book: 130A Page: 463)

Died: Unknown




Father: John Henry BELL  B: 11th Jul 1885, Port Augusta. D:

Mother: Eva Annie BELL  (nee )  B: 1st Jan 1890, Adelaide.   D:


John Napier BELL B: 25th Apr 1916, Adelaide. D: 18th June 1940, Ploudaniel, France (KIA).

Alfred Napier BELL B: 1st April 1918 Port Darwin, NT. D: 20th January 1944 Shaggy Ridge, PNG.


The life story of  Bruce Napier Bell is still being pieced together by the FRG History Team.

Bruce attended St Peters College in Adelaide from 1938 to 1941. Bruce’s housemaster was  Lt Col John Holroyd Hill who served with distinction in the first world war.

If anyone has further information the FRG would gratefully publish it.

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Bruce Napier BELL had an ownership interest in the parcels of Farina land listed below.

Owner_NamePlan_ParcelLotTitleStreetTrans DateOwnership
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL253LOT253CT656/36FOURTH ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL291LOT291CT571/169THIRD ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL317LOT317CT1491/192SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL339LOT339CT1330/27SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL344LOT344CT966/176SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL353LOT353CT1491/192SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL376LOT376CT311/174FIRST ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL377LOT377CT312/28FIRST ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL377LOT377CT5459/84FIRST ST23/8/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL377LOT377CT4252/967FIRST ST23/8/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL378LOT378CT751/124FIRST ST30/4/1985Sole