Bruce Napier BELL

B: 9th Feb 1924 D: ??

Born: North Adelaide, South Australia, 9th Feb 1924 (SA Births Register District: Frome Book: 130A Page: 463)

Died: Unknown




Father: John Henry BELL  B: 11th Jul 1885, Port Augusta. D:

Mother: Eva Annie BELL  (nee )  B: 1st Jan 1890, Adelaide.   D:


John Napier BELL B: 25th Apr 1916, Adelaide. D: 18th June 1940, Ploudaniel, France (KIA).

Alfred Napier BELL B: 1st April 1918 Port Darwin, NT. D: 20th January 1944 Shaggy Ridge, PNG.


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Bruce Napier BELL had an ownership interest in the parcels of Farina land listed below.

Owner_NamePlan_ParcelLotTitleStreetTrans DateOwnership
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL253LOT253CT656/36FOURTH ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL291LOT291CT571/169THIRD ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL317LOT317CT1491/192SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL339LOT339CT1330/27SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL344LOT344CT966/176SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL353LOT353CT1491/192SECOND ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL376LOT376CT311/174FIRST ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL377LOT377CT312/28FIRST ST30/4/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL377LOT377CT5459/84FIRST ST23/8/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL377LOT377CT4252/967FIRST ST23/8/1985Sole
Bruce Napier BellT833905AL378LOT378CT751/124FIRST ST30/4/1985Sole