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Kenneth Michael REID

B: 11th Apr 1924  D: 29th Aug 1971

Born: 11th April 1924 in Farina, South Australia.

Married: married (wife still living) in Quorn on 7 July 1947

Died: 29 August 1971 in Quorn and was buried on 30 August 1971 in the Quorn Cemetery, South Australia.

.The historical information and photographs for Kenneth Michael was generously provided by his family. The Farina Restoration Group greatly appreciates this information and gladly publishes it for the information of the public. If anyone has further information to contribute, please contact Brett and Shellie Cummings, descendants of Alice Martin, on


Father: Adam Reid was born on 15 October 1894 in Thargomindah, Queensland and died on 26 June 1927 in Farina at the Hostel and was buried in the Farina Cemetery in an unmarked grave.

Mother: Maud Shaw was born on 5 April 1897 in Stirling North, South Australia and died on 7 March 1979 in Quorn, South Australia.  Maud re married in 1934 to Horace E McConnal.  Maud was buried in the Quorn Cemetery on 9 March 1979.  


Herbert Reid was born on 11 July 1920 in Port Pirie, South Australia.

Thelma Maud Reid was born on 29 October 1921 in Quorn, South Australia, died on 31 July 1981 and was buried in the Memorial Rose Garden, Enfield Cemetery, South Australia on 3 August 1981.  Thelma married Albert Robert Noll in 1944 in Quorn, South Australia.  Albert was the son of Fredrich Carl Noll and Florence Elizabeth Lillian Hooper.  Albert was born on 4 June 1924 in Quorn, South Australia.  Albert died on 13 March 1996 and was buried on 18 March 1996 in the Memorial Rose Garden, Enfield Cemetery, South Australia.


Michael REID b: 24/8/1863 d: 5/4/1924
   + Sarah (RUSSELL) REID b: 13/3/1868 d: 18/12/1943
      2 David (Mickey) REID b: 23/10/1886 d: 2/7/1939
      2 Martha REID b: 1887 d: 31/7/1959
      2 John Jacob REID b: 18/4/1889 d: 2/5/1957
      2 Dolly REID b: 27/6/1892 d: 30/10/1971
      2 Adam REID b: 15/10/1894 d: 26/6/1927
         + Maud SHAW b:5/4/1897 d:7/3/1979
            3 Herbert REID b:
            3 Thelma Maud REID b:29/10/1921 d:31/7/1981
            3 Kenneth Michael REID b:11/4/1924 d:29/8/1971
      2 Jane Tennent REID b: 25/2/1897 d: 12/3/1974
      2 Herbert Henry REID b: 19/8/1899 d: 9/7/1951
      2 Mabel REID b: 29/10/1901 d: 29/10/1982
      2 Annie Evelyn REID b: 1904 d: 22/10/1980
      2 Sarah Eileen REID b: 28/7/1907 d: 12/12/1979
      2 Michael (Mick) REID b: 3/3/1909 d: 3/4/1980
      2 Evelyn Mabel REID b: 1/10/1911 d: 13/11/1980
         + Thomas Benjamin MARTIN b: 19/4/1900 d: 27/4/1973
            3 James (Jim) Reginald MARTIN b: 11/6/1927 d: 26/9/2009
            3 Geofrey (Biff) Benjamin MARTIN b: 10/2/1930 d: 13/4/1989
            3 Daphne Fay MARTIN b: 9/3/1932 d: 27/5/1991
            3 Second daughter, still living, born 1934
            3 Third daughter, still living, born 1939
            3 Fourth daughter, still living, born 1944

This Biography is a summary extracted from the full document which is available to view in the “Further Reading” tab.

Kenneth Michael Reid was born on 11 April 1924, Farina, South Australia.

Ken was only three years old when his father died.  At some time, he picked up the nick name Joe and was known as Joe to his friends.

Ken enlisted in World War Two in 1939.  To date his dossier on the National Archives website has not been digitised.

Kenneth married (wife still living) in Quorn on 7 July 1947.

Kenneth ran the local newsagency in Quorn for many years.  He was involved in many sports in the district and was mentioned in the local papers for his golf and cricket prowess.  He was also involved in local government as a Councillor.

Kenneth died on 29 August 1971 in Quorn and was buried on 30 August 1971 in the Quorn Cemetery, South Australia.

There is no record of Kenneth owning land at Farina.