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No. 11 – April 16 2011… Bob Brownlee

Notes for members of the Farina Working Groups in May 2011.

Camping is at the shearers quarters near the wool shed after Sat 30th April in the afternoon. Drive through the public camping area in the creek and proceed 600M North of the creek. It may be quite cold at night. Recent temperatures are 6-25 degrees. Bring some wet weather gear in case of rain.

240V power is supplied from 8am to 10pm but you must not use high current appliances such as heaters, toasters or jugs. Your fridge must be powered by gas or solar. Gas refills can be arranged. The shearers quarters have hot showers, toilets, washing and laundry facilities. You are responsible for your breakfast and evening meals except that a camp oven roast meal is provided on Wednesdays. (Bring a camp oven if you have one). On weekdays morning and afternoon teas and lunch are provided. 5pm is happy hour!

Carry 3-4 days rations and long life milk. Resupply is at Leigh Creek approximately 1 hr to the south, but shops are closed Sat pm and Sun. Take all your medical prescriptions with you. Drinking water (tank water) is available, but most carry 10L of drinking water with them.
Carry work gloves, a lung sleeved shirt, hat, and fly net (the flies can be bad but they were not last year), a flashlight, working boots or sturdy shoes. If you have a hand held CB radio, also a 240V generator bring it with you if you have space.

If you can bring a spade, a hand chipper to clear weeds. Bring your own hand tools to support your personal skills.

Working at Farina is fun. You can take days off work, and no work is done on Saturdays and Sundays. Lake Eyre flights from Marree are recommended. A 4WD tour of the Farina Station property is usually available on one weekend and is rather special. Mobile phone (and text) reception is sometimes possible. Call the station homestead phone (voice recorder) after 28 April if you need to send us a message or use the station email (above). Advise Tom through the station phone if your previously stated arrival date changes.

The best priced fuel is usually at Peterborough at the Caltex station. Fuel is available at Hawker, Copley, Lyndhurst and Leigh Creek. Make sure you have a full tank. If you arrive before Sat 30th April advise Kevin or Anne at the station.

In a later newsletter we would like to acknowledge the generosity of all the donors to this years program, however we are very pleased to receive a direct funding support grant from The South Australian Outback Community Authority. They also acknowledge our work to this project, and our contribution to the history of South Australia.

More later. See you in Farina.