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No. 13 – Hello Farina Group Supporters, August 13, 2011… Bob Brownlee

The dust has almost settled on our 2011 endeavours. Syd and Gail passed through Farina on their way to 80- mile beach and assure us that all is “looking great”.

Lots of activity is happening at the committee level to set the 2012 program on a firm footing, with Tom working out at how to present the history of the town (see below) on the ground.

Near the town a totally new historic precinct (the Farina settlement 1860-1885) has been unearthed. Its centre is located 1km east of the War Memorial on the North bank of the Farina Creek. Lindsay Gould is delving deeply and finding a parallel story to the Canning Stock Route and a series of wells. Maybe we are discovering the Great Northern Stock and people Route, also supported by a chain of wells of which the early Farina Settlement and Government Gums was central. See Lindsay Gould’s notes in “Citizen’s stories”.

Bill Collins has even found a bushranger to add to the “mix”, and Bob B (ancient Bob) is adding to his list of features to best represent the railway precinct.

The dates for 2012 are now firm with a 3-week program from Sunday 22 April to Sunday 13 May 2012, with the Anzac Day Dawn Service on Wednesday 25 April and the Farina Festival on Sat/Sun 12 and 13 May.

Volunteers will be able to nominate the days that they wish to stay in Farina. Those wishing to attend the special days at both ends of the program may wish to leave and do some travelling for some time in the middle weeks and return.

A 2012 questionnaire is attached to help you start your diary planning. Tom will be reminding you about it when it becomes urgent. Because of 2011 overloading of Shearers Quarters Services, we will be limiting that area to 15 campsites and reserving a selected area of the campground as an optional volunteers area, but with access to Shearers Quarters for laundry, showers, campfire, morning teas and lunches. I have a feeling happy hours and campfires will happen at either or both or rostered locations. That campground does have its own special appeal!

Regards, Tom