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No. 16 – Hello Farina Group Supporters Tom’s message – April 2012

This is the final note before we “land” at Farina: and the “gibber” is green! There are fish in the creek.

Items to bring

Working/walking boots, mosquito net and repellent, hat, golf clubs and/or tennis racquet – for comp or social play, especially on ANZAC Day , – and your campfire entertainment gimmicks.

Hand held CB radio, (don’t go out and buy one!)

Gardening tools – for chipping/clearing weeds, good gardening gloves, camp oven – if you have one and your normal work-skills kit of tools.

Food, gas, fuel resupply is quite routine (except at weekends) so don’t overstock on perishables. Leave your chainsaw in your vehicle if you normally carry one, as there will be wood gathering trips to keep the bakery oven HOT.

Make personal nametags: emphasising your first name.

Expect it to be sunny during the day, cool to cold overnight (blanket).

On arrival

Call on channel 17, and or drive thru the old town to the campground and you will be “picked “up.
Emergency contact: Kevin and Anne Dawes Farina Station 08 8675 7790.

We look forward to you joining us.

(I will also try to monitor the group email address.)
Bob Brownlee. Farina News Correspondent.