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No. 21 – Hello Farina Group Supporters Feb. 2013 Farina Work Program

As announced in Newsletter#19 the WORK schedule is shown again below.

Our work program will span six weeks and will be divided into 3 sub-programs each of two weeks commencing SUNDAY MAY 5th and concluding SATURDAY JUNE 15th.

Program 1 Sunday to Saturday May 5 to May 18
Program 2. Sunday to Saturday May 19 to June 1
Program 3. Sunday to Saturday June 2 to June 15

Volunteers should be aware that they don’t have to conform to the “program calendar” 14 days; they pick the arrival and departure days to suit them even if the program 14 days doesn’t fit. We would encourage them to go on their own “walkabout” and return even if just for the June 1/2nd Festival Cricket Fun day or two. Everybody is entitled to enjoy the program outcome.

The two sporting weekends announced in the Newsletter #19 were not practical due to clashes with other district activities. A modified “Volunteer form” is attached to this email to reflect the date changes. The Golf and tennis courts will be open during the whole program for volunteers use at weekends or on your chosen “lay “days.

The Cricket / Open day will be held on 1st June. We have the opportunity to make it a Glen/Jane McGrath PINK day. Mark Shirley in conjunction with the Port Augusta Cricket Club can provide the PINK KIT for use on occasions such as ours. It also means the local community can directly support the appeal.

The work Program

We will have upgraded bakery/cooking/servery/hostessing facilities. Tourists and visitors arrive over the whole 7days a week, so we will expand our rosters to appropriately service them.

We will be looking critically to developing the system of presenting, maintaining, promoting, and us enjoying the Historic Farina in years to come along with the Tourists on an extended season.

Of course this year we will be continuing the building stabilisation program. The stone buildings are iconic of Farina.

The development of the railway precinct will be greatly enhanced by the donation of Rail rolling stock which will be restored and positioned. We will also re-establish the Blacksmiths area as a Farina Relics location, Out of interest the blacksmiths area can be clearly be seen near the Post Office on Google Earth.


We be presenting the Farina Story and recruiting volunteers at Caravan Shows and we don’t want to overstock! Look for us at Adelaide and Melbourne Shows

Lindsay Gould 03 97291236 is Melbourne Show Organiser
Peter Harris 0418 818 838 is Adelaide show organiser

Please tell us if you are volunteering this year and fill out the Volunteer Form

As mentioned in the recent Newsletter#19 we will all be camping on the creek on the grass. We are working on a camp kitchen trailer, two portable toilets and additional mowing and generating equipment to simplify the works. We are also going to have a bakery kitchen caravan and a marquee to enable safe preparation and presentation of the bakery products and the information centre.


We need four 9kg Gas cylinders (in or out of 10 year date) as to have full spares available on site at all times.

Farina in the News

An article prepared by The National Archives of Australia with Peter Harris called “Your Memento”, on Farina restoration, has now been published:
Any questions call Tom on 03 5261 3099.
Finally please fill out the Volunteer Form!!!!
Bob Brownlee. Farina News Correspondent.