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No. 26 – Hello Farina Group Supporters

The following detail summarises the events of 5 May to 15th June, 2013 at Farina.

Bakery Cafe Marquee

A Pagoda style Marquee of high grade construction was sourced and purchased. This become necessary to provide of an appropriate work venue for our Volunteers. It is 6 metres square and stands on a concrete slab. The slab was laid (4cu.metres) on the 9th and 10th April by six volunteers with preliminary work carried out by Kevin and Ron Johnston.

Bakery Food Prep Van

Specification, funding and contracts for manufacture were put in place between programs. The Unit was not ready according to our required timeline, and whilst this was disappointing; it in no way impeded the Bakery activity and Sales. We now have a clear picture of how it will integrate with the new Marquee and Bakery for our next program.

The Bakery Caravan is now available and will be transported to Torquay for sign writing by 20th July approx. before being moved to Adelaide, where Martin will establish its hire potential during our “off” season.

Volunteer Numbers

Volunteer numbers on site for the respective fortnights of the program were:
Program 1: 32 volunteers

Program 2: 35 volunteers

Program 3: 24 volunteers.

A total of 80 volunteers attended, contributing 6,200 volunteer hours to the project. We now have contributed a cumulative total of just in excess of 21,000 volunteer hours over five programs.

In addition, we had Work Experience students from Leigh Creek Area School, and Whyalla High School and our two professional Stonemasons.

Equipment Additions

Equipment additions to the FRG this year were:

Camp Kitchen – We purchased the Ballarat Grammar School Unit we have added an awning and flyscreen walls and Café bar. It is proving to be an effective relocatable morning tea/ campfire amenity.

Pagoda Type Marquee – This now provides an excellent Reception / Café area. It will Integrate with our ‘Prep and Serve’ Food Caravan in the future to provide a controlled Hygienic food dispensing area.

Ride on Mower, Trailer and Sprayer Unit – for Walking Trail and grounds maintenance teams.

Trailer mounted Work Bench with fitted Drop Saw – for field construction jobs.

6 KVA Diesel Generating Set – for lighting supply or fixed location usage.

Two Portable Chemical Toilets

Railway Rolling Stock

Following many months of Administrative and onsite liaison with Picchi Richi and Steamtown, our aim to have Original Old Ghan Railway units back in their original working site was achieved on day ONE of this years program. Aided by Jeff Fulwood and his Roadtrain expertise, and Roger Kennedy of Clare Cranes, Kevin with his Backhoe and Bookley on the Bobcat.

The restoration work that followed on the Sheep wagon, exceeded all expectation in both the quality of finish and time in which it was achieved.

The Loading Ramp which highlights the FLAT TOP Freight Wagon at the Goods Shed location, was another masterly reconstruction.
The placement of these original Old Ghan Rolling Stock units back in actual working locations adds significantly to the Farina story. Through promotional storyboards, we have also described the historic linkage and importance of Picchi Richi (Quorn) and Steamtown (Peterborough) with Farina to the Narrow Gauge Rail System of Nineteenth Century Period.

Blacksmiths Area

Phase one was implemented. This was careful use of a bobcat to help expose ‘buried’ treasure. Erecting a nine metre display bench for small items. Signage and front fencing. This will enable the development of the next stages of displaying many of the relics being discovered.

Wells Walking Trail

Commenced in 2012 – the trail has now been extended to the Railway Bridges, but also incorporating a ‘short’ trail of 1.5kms round trip, as well as a 2.5km trail and a further option to the Railway Precinct. The Trail is very effectively signposted.

Stabilisation Program

This concentrated on the Transcontinental Hotel, which although having significant attention previously, was in need of urgent attention. The Railways Guards Cottage likewise, was in need of urgent attention Substantial Volunteer hours were applied to both these buildings.

Bakery Program

We were able to support a program of servicing Tourists with the combined Bakery Café Reception Facility. We were handsomely serviced by four separate bakery leaders – each displaying ‘flair’ by adding their own special items to the menu – much to the surprise of our customers. (And we appreciated the special ‘sweets’ addition to our camp oven roast nights).

Grounds Maintenance

This was carried out in all areas as needed. The very dry conditions being experienced meant there was very little grass growth, and both the Cemetery and the War memorial precincts, barely needed attention.

End note

The FRG Committee says thanks to all participants, including several who work off-site, being unable to attend in May; others who work both off and on-site; and all those who turn up and put it all into effect during the program. We need you all, and each can claim part ownership of what is achieved on-site.

This year we have again received great financial support from Sponsors, and also in-kind support, with comments like “You do your thing up there I will do mine for you down here (quote Des Tebbs).

We thank the ABC “Landline” crew who spent a couple of days with us and produced a great program about our work.
The group was going to donate the “takings” from the cricket match to the McGrath Foundation. Since the cricket match was cancelled due to rain we donated the bakery takings ($300) for that day to the foundation.

The tentative dates for 2014 are May 4 to June 15, 2014, with the Bakery operating also in the SA school holidays in July.(6 to 20 July, 2014). It is also possible that there may be a “blitz” weekend with a large group of volunteers working on the stabilization of the buildings at a date to be decided.
Regards to all, Tom.
Bob Brownlee. Farina News Correspondent.