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No. 33 – Hello Farina Supporters and Volunteers

How you can “enable” our 2014 programme

In implementing our 2014 programme we are encountering some budget difficulties.

There are two elements to our cost structure:

What people recognise as Capital Works.
The general running costs to maintain and present Farina and implement those Capital Works

This has cost an average of $44,000 for the past three years. The Farina Restoration Group has done some significant fundraising each year and, due to reduced sponsorship and unplanned maintenance, we contributed $22,000 to the programme in 2013.

We expect to contribute to the budget each year but there are limits to our income. Accordingly, we have taken steps this year to slightly reduce our Capital Works programme. Over the past three years we have received a regular Government support grant of $5000 in recognition of, and to support, the Schools and Trainee Work Experience Programme which we offer to the local community. This year our budget has been hurt by a “change of rules” causing the withdrawal of this grant. Regardless, we will continue to provide the work experience opportunity to the local schools in 2014.

Significant support has been provided by Sydney Kidman and Co; and a spontaneous donation of $3000 from Dick Smith, who gave an earlier unsolicited donation of $2000 in 2010. Each of these donations will be appropriately recognised.

Over the last year we have applied extensive effort to preparing an OH&S Manual for Farina, based on new Government requirements. In order to implement the programme there is a list of required equipment which we deem applicable to the Farina situation to the quoted value of $3250. These are basic safety items such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, signage, high visibility jackets and so on. In seeking Government funding only one authority shows any interest, and only providing it can be demonstrated to be an innovative OH&S venture – so we don’t fit!!

The time and travel which our volunteers donate is substantial. For South Australian family’s it is at least $600, and for interstate family’s up to $1200, depending on distance travelled and days spent on site.

The provision of our Preparation Caravan to the Bakery area has no effect on the Capital Works budget as it has been independently funded by a volunteer group funding syndicate.

Please consider where you can assist us with a financial contribution towards this miscellaneous list of items:
Petrol, diesel and LPG to keep our generating sets operating at the bakery, shearers quarters and workshop and field projects for 8 weeks. ($2250)

Freight – the transport cost of material from Port Augusta to Farina ($750)

OH&S items. There is a minimum selection of items we MUST purchase (Total quote $3250, minimum spend $1500)

Paint – 40 litres is required. A 100 year old cattle wagon with timber sides consumes a lot of paint at a cost of $40 for 2 litres ($800)

Extras – we want to progressively build “sleeper” seats at various rest points around the site, for example the cemetery, the bakery, and selected spots adjacent to pergola story boards.

Also two seats and a picnic table at the wells walking trail by the creek. Two sleepers to make a seat ($25) and six sleepers to build a table ($75)

Printing of 2000 Handout Visitor Guide Sheets ($550)

Donations can be direct deposited at any bank to:

Farina Restoration Group Inc
BSB 015 206
Account Number 5323 53675
Please forward your bank receipt by mail or copy by email so we can receipt and acknowledge your contribution (see email and postal addresses below)

Donations of $25 and over are tax deductible. This is made possible through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal with whom we have tax deductible status.

Alternatively, please make a cheque out to:
FRRR a/c Farina Restoration Group Inc and forward to :
Bob Brownlee (Treasurer)
PO Box 2029,
Ivanhoe East
Victoria 3079

Email : See Rob’s contact form

A recognition of all donations will be made in a later newsletter.
Contact me if you would like more specific detail,

Tom Harding (Programme Co-ordinator)
Phone: 03 5261 3099 or 0418 300 597