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Dear Farina Restoration Group Members

We have had a most successful 2014 season at Farina, as you will have seen from the earlier newsletter.

It has been interesting to get feedback from visitors to Farina during this time, as most folk believe that the Farina Bakery has been the reason for the Farina Group’s activity when, in fact, it is a consequence of the restoration. There is no doubt that the bakery is a most successful outcome of the group’s efforts.

There have been many very appreciative comments in the Visitor’s Book which was kept at the information desk this year.

“Hello my name is Thomas. I am 12 years old (in five days).
A word of advice is to grab the Ned Kelly pie.”

“A great place to stop and talk. Good work by the vollies.”

“A real treasure in an unexpected place. Well done. Love the hard work.”

“Amazing to see the town looking well looked after and to see the bakery up and running. Thanks to the Restoration Team for bringing our history back to life.”

June 18th, 2015 is probably going to be a Farina highlight with reference to Flight Lieutenant Bell. A little of his story can be found in the history section of this website (article by Alan Hall)

Farina’s rate of redevelopment has been achieved through the enthusiasm and skill of its volunteers and with the support of ”behind the scenes” people that we acknowledge through previous and updated donor boards.

Please see the two main donor boards below.
(click on the image to enlarge, Esc closes the enlargement)

All those listed can claim to be “shareholders” in our success story.

All of our volunteers and donors can be justifiably proud of what has been achieved at Farina.

Regards… Tom Harding