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Farina Restoration Group. October 2014 Update

This newsletter is especially directed to our widespread Supporter Group.

Some faces we see regularly, some are quietly in the background; some have “come on board” by dropping in on their way “Down the Track” and filled in details on a donations envelope in the box at our Information centre; some through contact at Melbourne or Adelaide Caravan Shows; some inspired by Landline or other TV clips; or inspired by the Historic Bakery – high tin loaves and gourmet pasties and bush pies…some are coerced by one of the 250 enthusiasts who have served “time” as volunteers over six annual programs.

The Farina Restoration Group activity has contributed an added value of in excess of $1,000,000 through its successful endeavours, converting the abandoned site – Farina (2000) – to be proudly proclaimed (by us) as now being a – Historic Inland Australian Township (2014).

Officialdom has not yet proclaimed it, but we use that title freely as do the media presentations.

The $1,000,000 contribution to Farina represents

Personal cash donations and Grants… $245,000
27,000 volunteer Hours Govt notional value $30 per hr… $710,000
In Kind support – material, services, supplies admin… $75,000

Conservative total, (with no allowance for Volunteer costs). $1,030,000

After humble beginnings in 2009, with a working bee of 30 caravanners and campers, we recognized something of Farina’s potential and created a 5 year plan. This was progressively expanded and implemented, enabled, by an expanding volunteer force, which, in 2014 numbered 140 persons and a program extended to 8 weeks. In our next bulletin, we will be able to tell you of our plans for Farina through to 2020

Often referred to on maps as a “ghost town”, we have commenced displacing the ghosts with the names of the original residents on our storyboards at every opportunity. We are intent on displaying the HISTORIC FARINA as we reclaim more elements of the old township and its precincts.


Program details and timings for 2015 will be advised shortly.

Anticipate though that Farina will be very much alive between mid May and mid July 2015 with some special commemoration features included.

Not included in the above dates is Anzac Dawn Service – 24th to 26thApril…. which will be separate from our work program period.

All of this would not have been possible without our enthusiastic volunteers and supporters.

Thanks and we need your continuing help.

Kind regards Tom Harding.