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Farina Restoration Group. November 22, 2014

The Farina 2015 activity will be 4×2 week programmes spanning 8 weeks from Thursday, May 21st to Wednesday, July 15th inclusive.

Volunteer attendance can over lap two programmes.

Our base team comprises 30 persons on site at any one time. Whilst volunteers will be assigned to initial tasks, rotation of jobs will happen. Priorities are bound to change, which will cause temporary or permanent adjustments.

Set out below are the typical groupings:

Camp Leader Team… 3 persons plus work experience students as applicable.

Maintenance Team… 4 persons – workshop/fix it/move it/supplies/wood/water etc.

Bakery/Café Teams… 5 persons on each of two shifts, early and late, each comprising 1 experienced baker, 1 volunteer trainee baker and 3 café/bakery attendants.

Information Centre… 2 persons daily on self regulated timings.

Landscaping Team… 4 persons – signage construction, erection and maintenance. Creation of town precinct walking trail, build steel cattle ramp, rebuild drover’s hut.

Project Team… 7 persons – fit out new shed, build three pergolas, build steel cattle ramp and rebuild drover’s hut.

Stonemasons/Stabilisation… Part of the Project team. Finish police station, Exchange Hotel upgrade and Transcontinental Hotel structure.

Off roster volunteers can choose to join project teams, part time, in consultation with the Camp Leader.

Projected scheduling of projects and landscaping activities are as follows:

All Weeks… Walking trail creation, signage, maintenance

Weeks 1 & 2… Town precinct walking trail and numbering of all trails
Weeks 1 – 4… New shed fit out
Weeks 2 – 7… Stonemason teams (includes week 2 and week 7)
Weeks 5 & 6… Narrow gauge walking trail (flood plain)
Weeks 5 & 6… Angels Rest (pug and pine preparation)
Weeks 7 & 8… Steel cattle ramp and drover’s hut rebuild

As usual, there is scope for all or no skills. We have a mixture of tradies, professionals, enthusiasts and others who have trained in the “school of hard knocks”. In combination we have used all to create great outcomes.

You are welcome to be part of it. It is important that you pace yourself to work within your own limitations.

Make your bids early for a time slot to suit you. Specific spots are less available later.

After completing your volunteer form on this web site (open the form by clicking HERE), forward it to Cathie by clicking the SUBMIT button on the bottom of the form.

A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your entry details. (The form is still under construction – expect it to be live by December 1st.)

Lots of detailed information will be provided in successive newsletters, but you can contact and discuss with Tom, at any time, for up to date information. (Send an eMail to Tom by clicking HERE).

In 2015 three special activities will happen:

April 24th and 25th Dawn Service on Anzac Day

June 18th Linked celebration with the French town of Ploudaniel, commemorating Flight Lieutenant John Bell’s attempted rescue of the De Gaulle family during WW2.

This event will include a flyover of Farina, by 10 Squadron (RAAF).

June 27th “International” cricket match and open day

Various plans are coming together, which will make 2015 an exciting year of growth at Farina.

We look forward to you being part of it.