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RAAF Commemorates Flight Lieutenant John Bell

During the 2015 – 8 week volunteer program, another significant event will take place at Farina.

From the 13th June, 30 RAAF personnel will begin arriving at Farina.

At dusk on the 17th June a special ceremony under the control of the RAAF will take place, (details still to be released).

On the 16th June the RAAF would like some involvement with the FRG volunteers (to be organised).

Late morning on the 18th June the RAAF will depart Farina.

It is expected that a small number of RAAF family and non active personnel may also attend independently.

No other detail is available at this time except to say that any extra will be a bonus and may not even be announced prior.

Regards.. Martin MacLennan for and on behalf of the Farina Restoration Group Inc.