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August 17, 2015. Hello Farina Supporters

Firstly, welcome to our new supporters.

Another year of volunteer activity has passed with lots of good things happening at Farina. At the moment we are gathering reports from team leaders and soon I will send out a newsletter containing those.

We have had a request for information regarding “Farina’s two breweries”. No one seems to know anything about these, although there was a cordial making factory. Many of you have personal connections to Farina, so if anyone can provide any information about this please contact the FRG at this email address.

Rob has been making some changes on the website The first one you will notice is that the Menu link has been moved to the top LEFT hand corner of the home page. There is also quite a lot of information about the 2015 programme which you can access from the link on the home page.

The main purpose of this newsletter is to send you an article about the Old Ghan Line which was published on ABC and a poem which was written by one of our 2015 volunteers, Julie Penney.

Regards to all… Cathie


It’s 2015 and we’re here at Farina.
This historical town is the best that we have seen her.
She could have disappeared into the sand through the ravages of weather and time.
But the FRG is saving her so all will be fine.

We have info centre staff, stone masons and bakers.
Shed builders, morning tea ladies and several dirt rakers.
Some of our number use winches to move rocks.
We also have Greg who makes scones in a box.

The bakers cooked us a feast at the café one night
We all collected there, the diesel fire alight
We ate and drank the most sumptuous fare
All were happy and bright – Doug broke his chair

Each night at the campfire we have happy hour or four
Rosters are filled, lies are told and more Discussion is had “Was your day good or wonky?”
Interrupted by a shriek from the shower, “Who didn’t light the donkey?”

While the bakery is great – can’t please everyone though
One lady asked if we did sourdough
She then muttered something about gluten free
Or maybe a latte with Skin-e-e-y!!!!
We giggled and smirked , not a word was said
But would like to have told her where to shove her head

Every morning the bakers are making some concoction
Getting in their way is just not an option
But even they’ve had a hiccup or two
No pastry, no flour, no water for the loo

The speed at which the shed builders went was quite amazing
Almost as quick as finger bun glazing
No sooner had they completed the walls
When along came a ‘family’ of roofers and finished it all

The War Memorial is a sight to behold