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Newsletter 51 August 29, 2015

Farina Committee Report to Volunteers and Supporters

On July 15th we concluded our 6th annual work programme at Farina.

Since the original activity in 2009, with a working party of 30 volunteers, much has happened.

That year we built the original information booth on 12th Street, placed 20 powder coated location signs on structures, erected low protective fences to define boundaries, engaged Peter Russell, the stonemason, and commenced the building stabilisation programme (The Exchange Hotel). This was planned and carried out after discussion with Heritage South Australia. 2009 really showed us what we could do and how necessary it was to do it.

Our activity moved on to community areas – the cemetery, the War Memorial and later to the reason for Farina’s existence, the railway precinct. Each of these areas has its own story and people.

One area which was being developed alongside these other projects and taking on a life of its own was the bakery. Here we are able to involve our visitors as the old underground bakery provides for them in much the same way as the bakery did for the original residents of Farina.

The response to our practical work and our information is very clearly told by the Visitor’s Book comments. The one consistent request given to us by visitors is to keep doing it.

We believe we have established a sound working base from which to further develop Farina as a permanent Historic Inland Australian Township.

Clearly we must consolidate where we are at. To that end we are establishing the Farina Restoration Group Operations Centre, adjacent to but separated from, the historic elements of the township. The structure, which is 18 metres by 12 metres, has been built.

During the 2016 programme it will be fitted out as an administration area, a storage area for materials and a mechanical and joinery workshop. In the off season it will provide storage and security for our trailers etc. including the bakery caravan. This building has been sponsored to its lockup stage and has therefore not impacted on our operating budget.

The 2016 work programme will be based on the 5 year plan established after our volunteer conference at Cullulleraine in 2014. It will again span an eight week period with 4×2 week work teams on a Monday to Sunday work cycle.

Core elements of the work programmes will always be:

Building Stabilisation Team

Tourist management including bakery, café and information centre.

“Gleam” team to concentrate on streetscape, walking trails and area presentation.

Structural team to bring to life features waiting for recovery, such as the mosque, Angel’s Rest and the interpretive centre. (The interpretive centre will be at the old hall which is situated next adjacent to the bakery)

“Fix it” team, which will keep the place running by providing wood, water and fuel and doing general maintenance.
Housekeeping team who will help to keep our volunteers fed and watered.

Proposed dates for the 2016 work programme are:

Team 1 Sunday May 23rd to Saturday June 4th
Team 2 Sunday June 5th to Saturday June 18th
Team 3 Sunday June 19th to Saturday July 2nd
Team 4 Sunday July 3rd to Saturday July 16th

We look forward to your continuing interest and involvement in Farina

Tom Harding – for the Farina Restoration Group Committee