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Newsletter 52 September 9, 2015

Hello Farina Supporters,

This is a short email to advise you that the dates for next year’s programme were incorrect in the last newsletter. The correct dates are from May 29th, 2016 to July 23rd, 2016.

Attached is the Volunteer Registration form for 2016

We have already had quite a few enquiries for next year!

Here are some notes for volunteers:

Volunteer Notes:-

Some factors relevant to volunteering at Farina. In the previous two programs we have placed, 125 and 135 volunteers respectively. We aim to meet every ones’ expectancy. It will help us if you consider the guidelines below.

We, if necessary, may need to adjust numbers across the eight-week period.

Early bids have the best chance of securing their dates but late bids may be subject to discussion for alternative date placement

Whilst we encourage job rotation, we endeavour to give most exposure to a stated preference.

7 day and 14 day volunteer periods on site are helpful, but not essential. Two separate weeks are not a problem.

If you intend coming, but are uncertain of your dates, put your form in early and we will maintain contact with you, and adjust accordingly.

Documentation should be directed to Cathie

For enquires about available placement, contact:

Bakers – Martin MacLennan 0408731140

General Work Program – Tom 0418 300 597 or Bob Brownlee 0409 433 731