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Newsletter 54 January 20, 2016

Hello Farina Supporters

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

Please feel free to contact me at with any queries you may have. I check the email most days although occasionally life intervenes! I may not have the answer for you but I can probably find out …

Most importantly, if you have volunteered and find that you are no longer able to come to Farina, please let me know – even if it is at the last minute. It just means that people onsite are aware of what is happening and can plan accordingly.

This newsletter has messages from our Convener, Tom Harding, and Martin MacLennan, our Baker in Chief.

Regards… Cathie

From Tom

2016 has arrived, with just 5 months until we will again be on the ground at Farina. A planning group will be in action at Farina over the Australia Day period to look at tasks, materials and priorities for the May to July period.

In February we will staff stands at the Adelaide Caravan Show (17th to21st Feb) and in Melbourne (Feb 24th to 29th Feb) both at their respective show grounds.

Are you aware that we had between 700 and 1000 visitors per week through Farina last season?

There is water entering Lake Eyre again which will create an increase in travellers along the “Track” this year.

So, whilst our Build-it and Fix-it teams are vital, our “front of house” teams of bakery, café and information centre staff have an equally vital role to fulfill!

Our fundraising through this facility, is becoming more important also.

We have 70 volunteers on the 2016 volunteer list so far. Last year we used 135 volunteers and we will have similar needs this year.

Two weeks can be consecutive or split. We are still able to accommodate 1st choice date requests.

All periods are of equal importance with a spread of activities for all week:
Maintenance, stonework pointing and Operations Centre “fit-out”.
The late June / July weeks {school holidays) will be very busy with visitors to Farina.

Weeks 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 have assured placements. Where jobs are rostered, they are for half days.

However you can choose to join other teams when off duty, or be at leisure.

Our new Operations Centre will come progressively into use with many skills and assistants needed. At present the shell is erected and the “fit-out” in progress .

If you are intending to volunteer this year please return a volunteer registration form, or fill in the “On Line” form ASAP even if there is uncertainty about the dates that you are available.

Farina has had good rains recently and the campground is lush.

Register through this website, or post your printed form to Cathie Gregory, 7 Field Court, Montrose, Vic 3765.

Note: Tom is available for preliminary discussions at any time on 0418 300 597 – he will return your call.

From Martin

The 2016 volunteer programme is looming as the best attended yet.

With many people already completing their volunteer registrations for 2016 it may pay to get in early if you have a preference for a specific week or two.

In 2015 we had several volunteers that did not arrive and would ask that if you wish to cancel or alter your attendance can you please advise Cathie as soon as possible so that others have the opportunity to fill your spot.

We had several no shows in the last two weeks of the program and whilst those that did turn up did a marvellous job and really enjoyed their time it would have been nice to have achieved more restoration work.

With the new shed completed to “fit-out” stage we now have a tremendous resource to operate out of, and the majority of the volunteers will now be working within a few hundred metres of each other. Perhaps the most exciting aspect is that we can now really focus on the preservation / restoration projects, which is what Farina is all about.

We are also looking forward to the 2016 planning meeting in Farina in January.