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Newsletter 58, May 19, 2016


Welcome to the Farina Restoration Group.

Where is Farina?

The Farina Historic Precinct comprising the remains of Farina Township is located within Farina Station on the Oodnadatta Track, approximately 25km north of Lyndhurst.

The nearest town is Leigh Creek approximately 60 km south. Marree is approximately 55 km to the north. Farina Station is a working sheep and cattle station. The owners, Kevin and Anne Dawes, live in the homestead and are members of our group. As the Farina Historic Precinct is on private property, we ask you to respect private buildings and fixtures and the area generally.

Access is by sealed road to Lyndhurst then clay/gravel surface. The road is trafficable by all vehicles in dry weather but after rain the road can become slippery and care is needed, especially in 2WD vehicles. After heavy rain, the road can be closed to all vehicles. If this happens, call Farina Station (Ph. 08 8675 7790) from the Lyndhurst Roadhouse for advice. There are several floodways across the roads and care is required in crossing them, even when dry, as they can have rough surfaces. All are clearly signposted.


Apart from a bush camping ground with wood fired hot showers and flushing septic toilets, there are no services at Farina. All visitors must be self contained. There is a large supermarket, hotel, ATM access, Bush Nursing Hospital and service station at Leigh Creek.

Fuel and limited supplies are also available at Copley and Lyndhurst.

The supermarket at Leigh Creek closes at 12.30pm on Saturdays, and does not reopen until the following Monday at 9.00am.
While there is a dispensary at the Leigh Creek Hospital, specialised drugs may have to be ordered from Adelaide, with a consequent delay on delivery.

There is limited mobile phone (Telstra only) reception. You will have to move around to find it.

Your chance of mobile phone and TV reception will be improved by an external antenna.

Useful phone numbers and opening hours can be found at the end of this newsletter.


During the winter months, temperatures are usually in the 20’s during the day and cooler at night. Days are mainly fine and sunny. Sun protection is needed during the day. Depending on the season, bush flies may be present, so fly nets and insect repellent should be on your list.

Camping at Farina

The Farina Restoration Group will use a new camp ground area (which is not available to the public), approximately 1 km further on from the Camp Ground. This includes a shower block, septic toilets and laundry.

The capacity of the facilities is limited to about 30 persons and this governs the number of volunteers on site at any given time.

On arrival you will be shown where to set up your camp. If necessary call on CB UHF channel 17 or check in at the white marquee.

Farina Station operates another bush camp ground along a sheltered creek line next to the Town site. The camp ground has hot showers (water heated by a wood fired boiler) and flushing toilets. It is in constant use by travellers passing along the Oodnadatta Track.

Volunteers do not pay any camp fees.

A limited 240V power supply is available for caravan lighting only. It will not power electric stoves, refrigerators, ovens, micro-waves, hair dryers, kettles, toasters. Check the operation of your caravan fridge and make sure it is working efficiently on gas. You should expect to get about 10 – 12 days running of a stove top for cooking and gas fridge from a 9kg cylinder of gas. Gas resupply is available at the Leigh Creek Motors Roadhouse on a cylinder exchange basis, or at Copley Packsaddle Store (refill).

There is a limited rain water supply. Good quality dam water is available for washing, showers and cleaning. It is recommended that you bring at least 1 x 10 litre container of drinking water in addition to your normal caravan supply. We can replenish your drinking water supply onsite.

A dump point will be established to receive waste from cassette toilets/porta potties. Please do not dump into the toilets – it destroys the septic systems.

Camp routine

The Group runs its programmes at Farina on a co-operative basis. Apart from the annual Work Programme there are a number of things which must happen to achieve a comfortable, happy experience for all our volunteers.

Volunteers work on a roster basis in five areas – camp logistics, workshop, bakery, bakery café/Information Centre and site restoration and maintenance.

Camp logistics

They include assistance with the camp kitchen in preparation and serving of morning tea, hygiene and cleaning, rubbish removal, stoking the wood-fired hot water service at the shower block. These are done on a roster basis, everyone is asked to do a share, but the duties are not onerous.


Morning tea is supplied between 10.30 – 11.00am at the camp kitchen Monday to Friday. All day self-serve tea and coffee is available.

Happy Hour is daily from about 5.00pm. BYO drinks and nibbles.

Everyone makes their own meal arrangements.

When the bakery is operating, purchases of bakery items can be made on a first come first served basis – it’s well worth checking to see what is coming out of the oven each day and place an order.

A Camp Roast Night is held one day a week (TBA). Bring a camp oven if you have one.

Another option is a visit to the restaurants at the Copley, Lyndhurst, or Marree Hotels for an evening meal. It’s advisable to pre-book.

Coordination of activities

Most days, there is a camp meeting during Happy Hour when the day’s progress is reviewed and the next day’s programme discussed.

The Programme

The programme has several elements
Care and maintenance of previously completed projects and street-scapes
Further work on on-going projects
New projects
Visitor Information and bakery sales
Social activities
Involvement of local communities, schools and indigenous groups through work experience

Your involvement

You will have an opportunity to take part in a range of activities based on your own skills and physical ability. The work program is carried out in small teams under leaders designated by the committee of the Farina Restoration Group. Daily rosters are drawn up in advance so every-one has an opportunity to enjoy various experiences but rosters may be varied by agreement. Camp Leaders are appointed for each programme time block. They are responsible for drawing up rosters and co-ordinating the logistics of running the camp-site and work programme.

Except for those on the bakery roster, weekends are “lay-days” given over to social activities or “doing your own thing”. There will also be organised community events held over at least one weekend during the 2016 program. A golf course, tennis court, and cricket ground are available for individual use throughout the period of the work program.

On arrival you will be directed to a camp-site. Take the rest of the day to make yourself comfortable and have a look around.

The Farina Restoration Group is conscious of the need for safe work practices. It has established and documented, a Safe Work and Health Policy. Volunteers must undergo a site induction programme prior to commencing any work.

Volunteers should bring their own personal protective equipment – sun-screen, insect repellent, strong work boots or shoes, work gloves, personal hearing protection (disposable ear plugs), and safety glasses. We also recommend that they bring personal water bottles for drinking water on work sites and a small stool or seat (useful to sit on when pointing up stonework).

If volunteers have them, hand-held UHF transceivers and camp ovens are also useful – but don’t buy them specially.

During the 2016 programme the facilities across the Farina site will be maintained and upgraded.

We will encourage volunteers in small groups to “adopt” a particular segment to nurture in their off-roster time.
Professional stonemasons will be on site to oversee the teams working on building preservation.

As in past years, in 2016 a number of work experience participants, secondary school and indigenous students may be with us to gain practical experience. Working with and mentoring them will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

Your time at Farina is meant to be both productive and enjoyable. Pace yourself in what you do, see the sights, and enjoy the company.

Emergency Contact:

Urgent incoming messages should be via Farina Station Homestead 08 8675 7790
Farina Restoration Group Inc.

Useful Phone Numbers, Opening Hours etc.

(Remember, if in doubt, check these details for yourselves.)


Copley Service Station
Phone 08 8675 2618
Petrol and diesel
Full mechanical service, spare parts and vehicle recovery
Opening hours: M-F 8am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 2 pm, Sun 9am – 1pm

Leigh Creek South Motors
Phone 08 8675 2016
Petrol, diesel and gas, Swap and Go gas cylinders
Café (sit down or takeaway) 8am – 2pm. Some food available until 6 pm
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8am – 7pm, Sun 8.30 am – 7pm

Lyndhurst Hotel Motel
Diesel only – go to the hotel for service
Caravan area out the back
Phone 08 8675 7781
Opening Hours: 6am – 10pm every day

Lyndhurst Roadhouse
Unleaded and diesel
Café (eat in or takeaway)
Phone 08 8675 7782
Opening Hours: 6.30am – 6.00 pm

The hotel in Copley (officially named the Leigh Creek Hotel)
Phone 08 8675 2281
Meals available Mon – Fri
Open 11am – 8 or 9pmish

Lyndhurst Hotel Phone 08 8675 7781 (see details above)

Marree Hotel Phone 08 8675 8344
Opens between 6am and 8am and closes 8-9pmish, sometimes later
Lunch 12 -2pm, Dinner 6 – 8pm

The Leigh Creek Tavern Phone 08 8675 2025
Opens midday and can trade until midnight depending on custom
Lunch 12 – 2pm Dinner 6 – 8pm


Leigh Creek Foodland (supermarket)
Phone 08 8675 2009 or 08 8675 2323
Opening Hours: M – F 9am – 5.30pm, Sat 9am – 12.30pm

Lyndhurst Roadhouse
Small grocery items
Café – all meals, all day
Opening Hours: 6.30am – 6pm

Packsaddle Store, Copley
Phone 08 8675 2268
Hardware and groceries, gas refills (9kg or smaller), Post Office
Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm week days only