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Newsletter 59 October 7, 2016

Hello Farina Supporters,

Welcome to our new Friends of Farina, I hope you enjoy our irregular newsletters and find them interesting and informative.

Following is a letter from our convenor, Tom Harding, outlining plans and dates for the 2017 programme.

I will send out the Volunteer Registration forms later in the month, however the new form is now active on this website – so go for it!

Our treasurer, Bob Brownlee, has been working on a power point presentation outlining the streets of the historic township of Farina and showing where various buildings were placed and what their use was. This has been attached for you to browse and enjoy. There has obviously been a lot of work involved in finding and collating the information presented.

You will notice that there are gaps in the information and that Bob notes in places that older photos are needed.

If anyone has any information or photographs which may help Bob “flesh out” this document, he would be most grateful and can be contacted on the following email address

To access the power point, open the attachment then you can access each picture by clicking on the smaller picture to the left of the page.

Alternatively you can simply scroll down the pages.

It can also be downloaded from this website by going to this page,

Happy browsing!

I’m pleased to advise that we have received the following grant:

For the cool room in the shed on a dollar for dollar basis $5971.00 from the federal governments “Stronger Communities” fund. This is for the structure we erected this season and future shelving and cooling will come. Of course this season we made full use of the cool room structure to store all of the bakers products flour, bakery inputs etc. Everyone was very happy with the room as it now gives us a reasonable deterrent for rodents and keeps everything in one place. Many thanks to Roger & Colleen Jordan, Jan & Ray Hutchinson, Rod Cornish and Bruce Morris who battled with me erecting the rather large panels to put the structure together.

Regards… Steve Harding

Dear Farina Supporters,

Programme 2016 is now well put to bed. Farina succeeds because we have learned to manage circumstances, planned and unplanned, as they arise. The major uncontrolled one, of course, is the weather and subsequent road closures.

Our ability to overcome changed circumstances is best illustrated by the amazing Operation Centre construction job.

Originally to be built by contract, the contractors failed to appear, and the task was taken over totally by our capable volunteers and is already making our whole activity a smoother event. It requires only “fine tuning” to enable us to be better prepared for all our work and social activity. It also provides off season secure storage for our increasing stock of equipment.

In 2017 we are requesting you to arrive on Saturdays and depart on Sundays. This is to enable stable rosters to be in place on the changeover weekends .

Team leaders will be as per last programme (with nominated co-leaders):
Weeks 1 & 2 Tom Harding
Weeks 3 & 4 Martin Maclennan.
Weeks 5 &6 Steve Harding
Weeks 7 & 8 Bob Brownlee

We have a wide ranging programme planned.

Our stone building stabilization is a core activity, spread across weeks 2 to 8. The amazing work done in 2016 will be continued.
Two interesting items on our future programmes are rebuilding the pug and pine “Angels Rest” and also the Afghan Mosque .
A further extension of the War Memorial is also planned.

Another important task in our 2017 programme will be attention to our “streetscape(s)” across the whole site to present the old township features to best advantage .

As our visitor numbers increase year by year, so does the importance of our Bakery / Café/ and merchandise programme and our visitor handling system.

There is equal vitality and range of interest spread right across the eight week period. In fact, the visitor activity increases in the last weeks which are school holidays, so do consider including the later weeks in your date selection.

It is common for volunteers to select two separate weeks in conjunction with their touring plan.

Contact Tom Harding 0418 300 597 or Bob Brownlee 0409 433 731 for general or work programme queries and Martin MacLennan 0408 731 140 for specific detail relating to baker’s placement.

We look forward to you sharing with us in 2017
Tom Harding