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Newsletter 60 November 12, 2016

Hello Farina Supporters

Following is a letter from Tom Harding outlining progress made at Farina and plans for 2017.

There are also 2 attachments as mentioned in Tom’s letter.

The Marree Camel Races are being held on Saturday 8th July. The date we have previously given was incorrect. Thanks to our supporter who advised us of this.

Another supporter has added that last year many folk who called into Farina were on their way to the Birdsville Big Red Bash. In 2017 this event is being held from July 4th – July 6th

Thank you for all your ongoing support.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We have now achieved eight annual programmes at Farina since commencing in 2008. We have invested 45,000 volunteer hours in the project – YES 45,000.!!! We commenced with a 30 person working bee in 2009 and have grown to an organization efficiently engaging 160 volunteers in 2016, each averaging a 14 day contribution.

We are way past the point of no return. This year we applied significant skilled volunteer hours in building and fitting out a facility as our permanent Operations Centre, providing resources which enable volunteers to be fully supported and efficient in all their respective tasks.

With a far flung supply line for major items (630 kms from Adelaide and 320 kms from Port Augusta) it is necessary to develop self sufficiency, both in stock holding and being equipped to effectively problem solve.

A simple, clear example is having our own 45,000 litre drinking water supply with piped distribution which was fully installed by our volunteers.

The 18.5 metre x 12metre building was sponsored to lock up stage and internal fit out and is proceeding from Farina Restoration Group funds, in kind donations and small grants.

All structural work has been carried out to prescribed standards by our skilled volunteers.

Photos of the shed can be seen here.

It is truly an impressive set up. It is fitted out to about the 70% stage. (see attached layout diagram). We intend to reach the 95% stage in the 2017 program, which then allows for fine tuning as we grow.

The benefit is evident already, with having a communication centre and positive control of stores and equipment and an adverse weather shelter.

Our onsite volunteers make a very significant personal and $$$ investment to travel, support themselves and work on the Farina Projects.

The Farina Committee would like to offer our Supporters group (newsletter recipients) the opportunity to have some ownership – visible on the ground – in the overall programme.

The fit-out of the FIRST AID facility is such an opportunity. Aspects of the building needs be upgraded to set an appropriate standard for such a facility in the outback climate.

We need to budget a further $8,000 to $10,000 on structural items such as:
*Ventilation and Light, by installing a highlight sliding and fly screened window to the west wall
*Installation of a solid entry door (dust sealed) with a security fly screened outer door
*A small air conditioner
*Appropriate cupboards
*Vanity basin
*Hot water supply.
*Trolley bed, field stretcher and appropriate support equipment as specified by Red Cross
and more !!

We invite you to join us by adding FARINA to your Christmas present list. A simple method we offer is to make a $30 tax deductible donation to the First aid centre fund via the attached form, to our Treasurer or direct to FRRR.

Should you desire to sponsor a specific part of the project please call and discuss it with me, Tom Harding 03 5261 3099 or 0418 300 597, or in Adelaide, our project manager, Steve Harding 08 8188 0028, or 0415 236 490

We are on site this year from 29th May to 22nd July. Please make yourself known as a member of our support team when you drop in. We look forward seeing you.

Future newsletters will keep you up to date. THANKS – we do need your continuing support.

Kind regards Tom Harding
(on behalf of the Farina Restoration Group Committee)