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Newsletter 62 February 8th 2017

Hello Farina Supporters

Tom Harding has asked me to send those of you who are intending to volunteer at Farina this year the following information.

We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic volunteer response this year. We have placed 150 persons to this stage leaving limited placements to fill.

Weeks 1 and 2 ARE FULL

When you send in your registration form please indicate which weeks you are unable to attend (as well as your preferred week/s) as the rest of the programme is filling rapidly.

Numbers need to be managed to ensure all volunteers have a meaningful Farina experience, both in project participation and in terms of personal comfort during your stay.

Since you can only indicate on the web site form layout when you would prefer to be on site, please use the free-form text entry area at the bottom of that form to tell us when you absolutely can’t be available!

Please note that you should always receive a response from me, sent from followed soon after by a contact from Tom.