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Newsletter 64, June 26 2017

Weeks 5 and 6 approaching at Farina. Weather has been kind. Nights have been cold. Campfires have been friendly. Patterson’s House rebuild as our reception centre has proceeded to plan and, in fact, is ahead of schedule.

Bakery/Café activity has been brisk with sales ahead of last year’s similar period results

The Operations centre is continually being refined and is becoming more and more user friendly.

There has been the addition of a servery from kitchen to bay 2 and, beyond bay 5, the cyclone fence enclosure now is covered by a skillion roof.

The workshop compressed air system is in place with a liberal arrangement of connection points.

An added partition and refined rack storage add to the efficiency

Our stonework teams are having exciting “discovery “times with a continuing array of items being unearthed and the ground layout of previously not obvious early Farina structures – now obvious!

Last weekend was OPEN HOUSE with the “Rest of the World Cricket” 2017 series on Saturday, with the Volunteers successful. Well done to the organisers and the caterers.

On Sunday was The FL Lt John Bell Memorial service, coinciding with the parallel service at Ploudenal, France. This is becoming a very special event.

Outback Communities Authority conducted a book launch after the ceremonies. The book celebrates the war service of citizens from far north South Australia, of which Farina is a central part.

Rev Trevor Briggs performed the Chaplain’s role at the Bell service and in the afternoon led an ecumenical church service at the Anglican church site.

The weekend relived several activities of early HISTORIC FARINA.– a most important role for FRG to be doing.

Keep up the great work,

Thanks Tom